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Smoke DZA

"Best Seller"

[Verse 1]
Right, I'm from where ebonics is proper grammar
Little n*ggas squeeze hammers
Credit card scammer's, one hundred-fifty grammer's
Mover's and shaker's, watch the crooks loomin'
Type of n*gga steal your pack and help you look for it
Real sh*t on wax, don't need no hook for it
I need a movie and a book for it, listen here
If this rap game is like the street game then I been prepared
No pressure, I be cooler than central air
Dark nights, don't be a lone victim
Young shooters turned old hitmen, where I'm from
I'm just a young n*gga trying to get dollars to feed my baby's yo
My bills late, but I paid them though
My b*tch annoying, that's my lady though
Agree to disagree, I guess that's just the way we roll
Now that I'm getting it, I remind her of the days
When I was rapping for no money like an intern not getting paid
A n*gga was living off rhyme and noodles, sixteen-five the train
I just made thirty in a month, gosh look how things changed
n*ggas say the fame made you change
Going through the bullsh*t, how could you ever be the same

[Hook x2]
Nothing is overlooked
Page for page cause my life is like an open book
Life and times of the big fella
Guaranteed to be a best seller

[Verse 2]
Low Impala flying towards traffic on a one way
Minutes after acts of random gun play
sh*t'll get worse before it gets better, one day
Grandma said she prayed for me every Sunday
Hand to hand, lost a couple grams
f*cking with a middle man, thirsty for a lick
Hit my man on the arm, and he got set up
Caught him slipping like Stacks Edwards, another sad record story
Only a boss bounce back from his loss
Like he ain't been through sh*t before
Valuable lesson when you getting burned
Only when you cut the n*gga off, that's when a lesson learned
Court adjourned, case closed, friend turned foes
Heating up in a matter of minutes like microwave dinners, n*gga
Love and hates is the same sh*t
You gotta worry about a n*gga when he's indifferent

[Hook x2]

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