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Damon Albarn

"Red Necks"

Rollin', rollin'... howdy, boys
Okay, I want y'all to sit real comfy
With your real comfy ten gallons on back of your head
Just relax, okay (It's good to be here)
Here we go, uh, boys, ah

[Verse 1]
I'm a truckin' redneck and I just refuse to die (He won't die)
I was built big and strong on the state's best apple pie
I'm better than them limey pin-heads in Europe-y
Twelve gauge in their back, hell, would stop their mopin'
I'm a truckin' red stop and I just refuse to die

(Graham, you will never die)
(It's what they call chemistry)
You're American, you're never gonna die
You play billiards like that man
You ain't never gonna die
The good Lord above will take care of that

[Verse 2]
I get free coffee fill-ups at my favourite Denny's place
Find a couple of teabags and I kick them in the face
Sure is damn good fun pinchin' that waitress's ass
When I go on tour, gonna get me a pass
Hell, don't want no f*ckin' limey gettin' on my goddamn case

(Woo!) That's in the east wood
You gotta go to the wood and go east
It's in the east wood (Go west, brother)
We showed them injuns somethin'

Any of my, uh, the boys here wanna say a few words
To the audience at home
(Well, you know, you've grown up and I obviously haven't)

(Woo!) Hope you go on happy with your Miller's Coors Light
I've got every Beatles record

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