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Damon Albarn

"I’m Right"

It seems you children need reminding

These phones are banned
If I discover one in your hand
It's mine
I'm confiscating it
And I'll tell you again that they drive me insane
They're banned

(Sorry miss, I didn't know)

Ignorance is no excuse here
Come beg for it at break
There is no need to quake
What's the matter? Don't shake
I'm no venomous snake but make no mistake
I'm right
I'm right
I'm right in every single thing I do
That's why I'm held in esteem and my trophy's all gleam and my school is supreme
I'm right
Tell her children

(She's right
She's right
She's right in every single thing she does)

I'm never wrong
All the teachers are thrown when I'm banging my gong
Yes I've never been ever been wrong
Look, La Prel

(Yes miss?)

Lovely like a bowl of [?]
La mint [?] lethally

(Sorry miss)

When will you realize
That this is all for you?
I'm one of the government's treasures
Here to provide special measures
Deficient results make deficient adults
So I'm having to ban all your pleasures
(she's right)
My job is to save you from failure
I'm here as your guide, as your savior
I'm your warrior queen
And my battle cry's keen
My enemy's teenage behavior
(She's right)
My rules they are just an enlightenment
Don't look so pathetically frightened
Take a ride in my car
To your A or a star, ah
Even darlings like you can be brightened
I love you kids
I am right
(She's right)
I'm right
(She's right)
I'm right in every single thing
(Single thing)
I do
(She does)
(She's never wrong)
(all the teachers all thrown when she's banging her gong for she's never been
Ever been (x12)

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