I Can Still Rap Though lyrics


I'm tryin' to touch the States this time
Gotta show 'em I can still rap though

Now I'm in the game, I was on the bins (on the bins)
First I was rentin', now I'm collecting rent (run it up)
First it was the Beamer, now I want the Benz (skrrt)
Spendin' all the bag like here I go again

Our side says [?], not a care in for 'em
Told you I'mma make it, keep the channels on
Why you acting different when the camera's on?
Why you acting different like you pay belong?

A day, wake up, and I think God
Bad decision got you wishing you could say 'nah'
My city gritty, you could get here any day now
On my mind [?] on my way out

With some twеnties, fifties, hundreds, thousands
Millions, billions, trillions, zillions
I'm talking Amazon monеy, so much money I could
Mess around and buy Amazon

I been winnin', I'm like why me? (Like why me?)
I heard these labels wanna buy me (Buy me)
I don't need you boo, I style me
I roll g's in a Grammy (yeah)

Now I'm on my game, nothin' is the same (nothin' is same)
Who am I to blame, money made me change? (made me change)
Cardi in my ring when I'm switching lanes (when I'm switchin' lanes)
Money in the carry-on on Boeing planes (take off)

Money in the carry-on on Boeing planes
Now I gotta buck for all the rainy days
Ain't have a day off in like eighty days
I got hustles in like eighty ways

Kids, if you wan' take a lazy day (on a lazy day)
Wife, you want me, told me "take a break" (take a break)
I keep going 'til the paper's straight
Then this trips I turn [?]

If I take the job, bet I'll get it done (bet I'll get it done)
I said it before, I'm a one-on-one (I'm a one-on-one)
I just copped some ones, only wearing ones (do it, do it, do it)
Fornicate the funds, money made me c*m (run it)

Diamonds on your neck, bet they on your neck (bet they on your neck)
You want that watch, you better rock that tech (rock that tech)
You want that chain, you better cop a vest (cop a vest)
You wanna check but can you make it stretch?

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