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We Are King


[Intro: Les Brown]
You must have faith
You  got to believe in yourself
You  got to believe in your abilities
You got to believe in your service, your company, your ideas, unquestionably
You got to have faith, and that faith gives you patience
That  it's not gonna happen as quickly as you want it to happen
And  not only that
But that faith and patience drives you into action

[Verse 1]
Uh,  save the salutations I'm here (I'm here)
I been kindly waiting for this annihilation, I've been salivating all year (all year)
But like a dying patient, I been allocating all my time wasted in fear (in fear)
But through some maturation and some validation I'm glad to say that it's clear (it's clear)
That  they need The Feel, the boy dope more potent than speed and pill, just hold the needle still
Took a leap of faith only Knievel will, I just seize the thrill, this is easy kill
'Cause I'm 6'4" with a sick flow, go and tag Stephen King quick in this flick 'cause I'm it yo
Bust a rhyme for your clique no Flipmode, better catch a grip, don't slip, better tip toe
Jules, I kick facts and never that pulp fiction
Since the age of thirteen been a microphone fiend, itching to get the world attention
Boy listen, if I can change the lives of my closest guys from my addiction
Then I'll compromise and I'll chase the highs and I'll set aside the intervention
And look over that fence then
To that other side, to that big city where my dreams reside
I ask myself "Would I survive, a young Christian dude in this town of lies?"
But then I think back where I stayed at where they sold drugs, stayed strapped
Where they stayed blazed and I seen my neighbors raped at
No place for this grace but with His grace I can break that
Let me pace that

[Interlude: Les Brown]
It's very important
As you hold on to that dream
There are moments where you're gonna doubt yourself
There are rough time that's gonna come but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass

[Verse 2]
Uh, I got to make a way see I got to do it
Got to break away see I got to pursue it swear the boy the truth and I got to prove it
Views of me shining like I'm Stanley Kubrick, tell me who you stand behind when you behind the music?
Back cooking up don't need the pot to brew it, can't let the talent stay dormant like a college student ah
This your moment, own it, these chances don't come around too often
Got the key to success trying to lock in and this timing seem like an omen, don't it?
But, sometimes I second guess what if this doesn't work?
And every aching second 'comes a common first and every goal projected is a list that hurts
Naw, scratch that most important I got to keep the faith
Got an appetite for changing the world and planning on scraping the plate
I use to play it cool and lay low, afraid I would make a mistake
But now I just let my flaws show because imperfections help them relate
On the road to being great you got to plan to be great so you emulate the greats (emulate the greats)
So I'm guided by their words narrated by their truths watch a legend take shape (watch a legend take shape)
So I'm out to do good, this the story of the engine that could
Bring light to the dark, plight to a bark, we trying to bring life to the art
I'm gone

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