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Audio Push

"My Brother and Me"


[Verse 1 : Oktane]
Yeah, Yeah
I say, I say
Paper still comming, money still stackin'
Hater endin' up homicides and we never know what happened
Because everything solid Gucci all on my wallet
Get her girl face up on my jean but she's never out of pocket
Because squad on point, swag I'm [?]
If our livers aren't bad then our lungs are terrible
A wise man told me "Count you blessing not your problems"
So I just take another shot and just pray to God I'll solve 'em
Because me I'm only human but I rap like an Android
I you're looking for the best let me check this mirror
Yeah I am the boy and I gotta go
I gotta lot to do, your girl 'bout to blow
No win n*gga cause it's Audio and it's adios
By now you know we gon' win
This beat is getin' F-worded, we should get a room
Fresh to death (Bouce, bounce) I should get a tune
Cliché line right here
You gon' sweat you should get a broom
Man I got a house so huge I need directions to my living room
So right now I ain't ballin I'm just living, I'm just livin'
You girl love my swag well n*gga that's a given, that's a given
Everything I wear right now is the new edition, new edition
And me I'm just a founder Michael Bivins, Michael Bivins
And I swear your girl love me and you swear I'm so ugly
I ain't a killer but don't push me
I ain't [?]
Feelin' round up in the air, no one there
No one above me I see God there but you're no there
So I guess It's Pricetag and just me
My girl ask "Why you ain't sleep?"
I said girl "Cause I ain't pay"
And I know that he ain't me
Cause I'm a main and he ain't me
Girl you [?] and I [?]
You lookin' for shine and i'm like shade
I smell so fresh like my nickname [?]
I'm sharp as a razor [?] and a blade
It's one mission, make digit to buss
I ain't gon' cuss but I don't give an ish or a [?]
I'm just gettin' recognition you gon' give it or what ?

[Bridge : Price]
Oh what's hattenin' ? (What's hattenin')
What it is ? (What it is)
The good life (The good life)
That's what we live (That's what we live)
They plottin' on us (They plottin' on us)
Cause we runnin' the streets (Cause we runnin' the streets)
Just my brother and me

[Verse 2 : Price]
I'mma be great, that's on my brother's son
I never said I love 'em boy that's rule number one
Rule number two is to stay loyal to my crew
Rep and don't let nobody disrespect whatever you do
Look at me my n*gga
You see the way I always keep it G my n*gga
Play the game and I never glitch
I get paid in full like a money makin' [?]
And under no circonstances never will I ever snitch
I'm goin' in mine it's the E-S-P
Hold up the glory goals to God cause he blessed me
I.E, B-O-Dub that's where the best be
And I'm on top of my game like my feet on a PS3
I tell'em Bettle No, Be-Bettle No, Oops I mean Ceetle No
I get [?]
I tell 'em once, I-I dont' tell 'em twice
I look good and all the girls be like "Tell 'em Price"
My flow good like a summer day watermelon bite
And while you talkin' death, n*gga I'm sellin' life
Lil [?]
I don't play so I don't deal with you [?] boys
And keep my distance from the dirt bike, dumb boys

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