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Audio Push

"Audio Push Freestyle on Sway in the Morning"

[Intro : Sway]
(Who's first to rock ? Audio Push is in here)

[Beat 1 : Price]
Price to the uh, uh
Back in my younger days I used to sport a rag
From the place where it ain't no dads and mama car ain't got no tags

(Take you time with it take you time)
(The beat is heavy) Yeah (The beat is heavy)
Can it go louder in my headphone ? That's what I need
(That's what you needs ? It's Price)

Uh look uh
Back in my younger days I used to sport a rag
From the place where it ain't no dads and mamma car ain't got tags
But we still G'd up from the feet up
Youngins rollin' their weed up
Marks got beat up for throwin' the wrong street up
The Inland Empire where the world where the place
Where n*ggas from LA move cause they think that it's safe
But it ain't
It's case out there, it's pain and rainy days out there
They pay out there
Be careful what you say cause I was raised out there
This all I have, this all got all I know
When n*ggas put' on a show just to impress my hoe
And you gotta be careful who you let call you bro
Cause the same night that yall was eatin', we will have it you throat
But them type of things happen everywhere that you go
n*ggas be plottin' and sh*t, apple be rockin' this sh*t
They reminiscin', contemplating, snitchin' and sh*t
They want your riches prolly cause they b*tches boppin' this sh*t
But you know how we get down
I'm off the top like Sway's cap
Stay strap, n*gga since way back
f*ck that talking, b*tch I'm known keep it [?] trick
On that coffee sh*t no off the sh*t
No option b*tch I'm poppin' ho, n*ggas keep it poppin' though
Price easy no lockin' no, n*ggas ain't ready for the lockin' no
Evil Side 'till I die hoe Rialto Street ya know it's me
Pop this sh*t ya know the...

[Beat 2 : Oktane]
Look I say
It's knock knock bang bang get your beat killed
Til' everybody stop and just admit that he's real
He being me and I'm probably just fussin'
Cause I always have discussion with these wodies and they cousins
They say Oktane he be bussin'
They be hatin' and they be cussin'
Saying words I can't discuss because
I got lil cousins that be listenin and be stuck to me
And they really look up to me
So all your rappers luckily just know that you can't fluff with me
Your girl wanne be cuffin' me that's just how it work
Gave me the beat
I got on it boy now that beat is murked
I'm breaking hearts and you know that I'm leaving heads hurt
Who would've thought that these two young n*ggas made "Teach me how to j*rk"

[Beat 3 : Price]
Hit-Boy is the best producer in the world by the way
Look uh
Real n*gga came up from where they [?] crips
Ain't no reading my n*gga just putting money on books
Freestylin' off the brain sh*t, same sh*t
Proabably take your main b*tch, your main flip
I ain't never been a mark, I ain't never been a b*tch
I never told on nobody I ain't never been a snitch
Real n*gga from the Toe, always put down for the streets
Ain't nothing to the beef when it come we slayin' heat
I play no games I say no names I spread them thangs
Don't say no name I come through and I do my thang
They... yo uh

[Beat 4]
Ya (go), ya (go) ,ya (go) ,ya (go), ya (go)
Look (go), look (go)
Price and Oktane no joking
I.E staight out to Oakland
Young n*ggas keep it totin'
Ain't got guns so we pokin'
With knives n*ggas already know we right
Already know it's Price, already know we [?]
Probably take your wife
f*ck around a n*gga might take your life
I never play right off the top tho
Real n*gga but we got those
Bad b*tches yeah we got those
Good flows yeah we got those
Ya n*ggas ain't trynna lock tho
Ya n*gga can never stop those (ya)
Two n*ggas, one j*rk hit and (look)
One bar hit and (look) n*gga still get it

Look, look
HS87 we the sh*t boy, we the sh*t boy
It go Pricetag, it go Oktane, Sway and Hit-Boy yeah that's Hit-Boy
n*ggas know what it is
I come throught and I get it
You get the grizz
You gon' catch your grip
I'mma split your whip I'mma hit your lip
I'mma hit the shoulder and I'mma hit the hip
n*ggas know what's hattenin' when I come in it
n*gga wanna come through better run with it
I got the ball so n*gga I'mma run with it
If I come click-clack blow gun with it
Be-Bed I mean I spay-spray get off my leg-leg
I give a dead leg
I get cranium cranium, I'm get head-head
Because I'm your girl favorite dread head
n*ggas know how I do this boy
n*ggas know I been doin' this boy
Do this sh*t like it's fluid boy
You are not knew to this sh*t boy
n*ggas know that I do it
Yeah n*gga I really do it
Like I drunk that [?] fluid uhh
What's hattenin' ?

I just gotta say one more thang (say one more thang)
n*ggas livin' the dream (n*ggas livin' the dream)
Ya wish I was... uh ... uh
I can't, I can't stop rappin' man

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