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Zotiyac 1

"Tornado In Dallas"

I dont like to be the center of attention
I just like to be the ender of pretention
Its like a crash flight how this a all go down turn yo world upside down like you entered a dimension

Alls fair in love and war i got a intimate decision for you what you love more physical freedom or the mental? whichever way its good for u 3rd person view i make it hard to look at like a intricate depiction

Deuce deuce , entrance wound small like mysterio, come thru , masked up , kicking like miracles yo b*tch get behind u shea go where yo spirit go it go through u then hit yo honey nut like a cheerio , serial killer im bone chilling catch u all alone sitting chrome wiggin out like Fender to the dome hit em , nine out , now yo time out like u dont listen , pull up sum micro waving like a home kitchen
Give that boy a spirit flight , if this n*gga ride he gon pay more than travel flight even though da baggage light
Trust i know the sky is bright, even at the highest height wea do u dead wrong specially if the price is right , i dont like to fight i like to watch the n*gga fight for life
Blue and red dots poppin out look like mike n ikes , f*ck what n*ggas heard no bark i bite boy im the tyson type , get low my left hold the load like i dont like the right

Im nicer than smooth talking , nicer than new carpet that u take yo shoes off in
Nice as a good bargain im nicer than wood sparking when times get hard and you remember the good parts that you had when it get darker
Smoother than moon walking , pus*y n*ggas run they lips i call that a poon faucet , red eyes black rings around em running through apartments like its thru da garbage outside like a raccoon stalkin
4-5 pound like a newborn baby
Make a n*gga move out like a newborn baby, got these muthaf*ckas panicking like new world order , got these muthaf*ckas frantic like the news reporter, aye i got a scope , n*gga feeling froggy now he gotta croak the penalty is death dont get changed like a audible
If a n*gga owe me im the IRS im on his ass yesterday n*gga Y - E - S
If he ain't a heavyweight my n*gga why he flex do not repress , cuz ia press and mines eat flesh
I can't promise sh*t just guarantee a timely death its finally set a clean scene his mommy wept , the line that connect , both soul and body left a botty boy he pus*y cat his body bled, f*ck a 9th life 10 shots die hard hit yo I-R and I-S get yo eyeball wet

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