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Zotiyac 1

"Like Yac (Key Glock Remix)"

Ain't sending no disses this sh*t competition and honestly these n*ggas ain't even worth dissin , i only did it cuz rap made me do it , i only did it cuz u n*ggas didn't , n*ggas be scared to jump up in that water im finna dive in head first like im swimming , i got that biscuit it got sum in it i feel like fred durst yeh thats how i be limpin
Ain't really wit all this lyrical sh*t but i am gettin tired of hearin this sh*t bout the pills that u popped bout u the b*tchez u hit about all da fake sh*t that u got away wit , words what i got a way wit so u gotta take notes read thru like scopes aim hit no sticks no stones and im not gon take bricks nope nope can't miss like i got 10 kids, i hear a whole nothin a whole lotta robbin a whole lotta muggin a whole mobbin a whole lotta thuggin we just need somebody be real bout the subject

f*ck if u lovin it cordae ain't cuttin it i give a f*ck how u feel bout the government brothers and sisters and alla this other sh*t
If i catch lil cordae chord im unpluggin it , uh pluggin it , shut up lil b*tch put a plug in it n*ggas rap like we in history class if u n*ggas teaching i ain't even studying , boy im a drop out im bout alla da sh*t that u not bout plus i rap better than n*ggas who hot now ia take yo whole top 5 out kill em in front of u like who yo god now?
Its sum bout u n*ggas i dont like to listen , talkin bout problems poverty stricken
Ion like sob stories ion like b*tchin so ion like logic , sum like b*tchez they be like women wit nail technicians how all these lil n*ggas jus gossip
n*ggas be all they in they feelings , i call these lil n*ggas hopsins

Two guns big titties call em tomb raider
If ima anything know its not gon be a hater dat
I do da dash yeh i hasta le huego im on the grind watch me shred like some paper
Boy ua get torn apart like some paper u get the front page and yo fam read it later
Clip get stuffed like a garcia vega
40 like liquor this sh*t f*ck yo day up
I'm keeping that pole, boy if u reach then yo finger gone roll like a layup, we gon get it on tape when we get this n*gga taped get bussed on f*cked on cam like dreya
f*ck n*gga askin me how to get his plays up , i can not help u i ain't no caretaker but i can tell u da truth if u take it
Yo sh*t trash , tyler the creator
We don't wan hear dat sh*t not now not later lil n*gga just keep it just save it , n*ggas out here winning Grammys for bull sh*t playlists and im still just being patient, waiting, for the moment of taking yo time or yo life you know which one im taking, you got a bone to pick but the sh*t breaking

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