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Zotiyac 1

"Touch It Remix (Feat. Heist)"

Why da f*ck would i bust a rhyme? ia rather bust da nine - ia rather buss on a milf cuz i love da moms ice on me touch it get killed , if u wanna try

Heist V1
Walking with a big drum beat you like a trumpet homie better get cuz we with all that f*ck sh*t , pop em so he can't run f*ck to all dat gossip , blow me then u kissed her , 40 on me by my side homie hit em then he cried duckin cuz i drive by

pus*y he got 9 lives
Catch em in his driveway foe nem finna walk by potato on the barrel cuz da n*gga was a small fry

Heist V2
Words picking the soul its hurts living a curb his host kicking it kill sh*t not feeling it popping these pills tweaking im off one
Imagine the top gun no mag or a full drum im blowing sh*t

Holdin sh*t its manufactured to fracture da lower rib blood gettin cold as bollotin frozen , the ocean floor, soak up horror token da motion im slidin overboard show you war but ill be da one debt cuz i owe you more

Heist V3
Speaking with my demons dont need a part of a ouiji board keep the score floating on yo b*tch like im a hoverboard - she a whore wanna get some condoms from the liquor store - got a sore , n*gga wanna pop then he gettin sored

Im inhuman end of da conclusion
Intrudin get you a contusion
Inducing , uncontrollable body movement
Shotty shootin out top of da roof do not be stupid
Cuz we dispose of da bodies da way da nazis do it , and f*ck a suicide mission da kamikazes do it , da Maserati outside i pop you and hop into it , they not assumin i did it cuz ion gotta do it

Heist V4
The flock of murder nobody really could f*ck with , open up your eyes i been adapted to the function
Yes i bring da ruckus move with all that f*ck sh*t n*gga grab the heater like the Amish ima shun sh*t

Aye “swiper no swiper” they say
“Zoti dont shoot me!” n*gga tried to run up but he slipped , like a roofie , slidin with the ruger and i slid it in his coofie , XD , movie clip , n*ggas be too goofy

Heist V5
And maybe you could really see it expressing my demons , dropped the hoe off cuz i filled it up with semen
No i do not mean it
Show da love an greet it
Yea i get it on yea she looking George , Regina

Needles and pins you receiving a evil descent, leak from within when i squeeze 223 at ya chin, you screamin again cuz you deep in ya thinkin again treatment was mininal , criminal he gon blood wit his men , f*ck

Heist V6
Grab the pump in frm the trunk
Yeah we grab dat pus*y n*gga
Feelin outta luck
Yeah he feel da region
He da legion for da gun
Shootin at da opps
Yeah dat pus*y bleedin when he run

I been thru a lot of sh*t, honestly can say that b*tchez only good to swallow di*k, u get to tweakin in my inbox get unfollowed b*tch whip the D-E it get pulled ima throttle sh*t , carpool wit yo kids drivin off a cliff - ditch that sh*t last minute then i disregard the sh*t

Heist V7
Wit da heata
Fast 5
Paul walker shi
Shell case bullet hole
Yeah its goin thru yo sh*t
See a dead body
Heres johnny boutta stomp a b*tch
Yeah im feelin top notch
Slip a pill im feelin it

Ay im lettin the Glock hit , i ride on my pac sh*t , boy he dont pop sticks , he just make pop hits -
Picture the last days imagine the pandemonium ill be the only one standing up with no podium loading up like sodium scoping outta the stadium i get active like radium he get flipped like gymnasium u thought u was the crazy one n*gga more like the Brady Bunch i hop out wit a crazy gun this sh*t holding like 80 sum , now they all like
“dam son where u get that from?” u think u da man huh? .. boy put down that gun

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