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"She Don’t Love Me"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Uh, realest to ever do it
Uh, ha ha
It's, it's

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
She don't love me
She love the power, she loves a man in my position
Loves the sex, loves a man of my positions
Love the pool, love the hot tub, my summer bunny
Both parents broke, but she come from money
And I don't just beat it up, I pound her
She reciprocates it with fresh grits and flounder
I counter by letting her put whatever on the counter
'Cause I never seen a ass better or rounder
Plus I never seen ass better around ya
No dollars, just ass, bet it surround ya
She don't love me, she love the way I navigate
Love the wordplay and how I make her masturbate
I drop her off and laugh at you while you chasing it
If I was ever in Marvin's Room, I was casing it
But dude be calling her right after I'm all in her
I be like "Feel free, pick up, I'm watching SportsCenter"
I grew up poor, I never had sh*t
So now I don't hit the mall, I hit the flagship
I got her thinking that's her paper to burn
But when I lock her out, she won't doubt David is Stern
I mean, uh, they don't love me, they wanna send me Llamas
But I can understand why they envy, kinda
Friendly reminder, bank statements with plenty commas
Made it right in front of 'em, gotta thank Benihana
If you with these rap dudes, I may have tainted it
They blackballed me, I spray painted it
Been accused of cheating, but I never take the blame for it
They did all the f*cking, my ass just entertained the sh*t
Yeah, I'm through the hood, red Porsche
They been mad, but I'm pistol whipping a dead horse
Now execs wanna hop on the phone
'Cause I snuck in the back door while they was watching the throne

[Refrain 1: Joe Budden]
I mean, uh, she don't love me, she just infatuated
She was the side chick, then she graduated
If she loved me, that would be unusual
I think she only say that sh*t to find out if it's mutual

[Interlude: [?]]
Didn't you say you couldn't breath without me? Didn't you say that my bed without you in it is empty? I'm tryna get you to stay. I thought you said you loved me? And now my heart it broken. How could you do this to me?

[Chorus: Emanny]
Tell me
You still care for me

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
I'm in the zone, but I don't need MTV
I need pills, not percs, I'm on NZTs
Why the f*ck would they mess with another guy's rhymes
If the stakes is high, n*gga butterfly mines
I mean, hate my bars, but she love the way I say the sh*t
Hate my job, but she love it when I pay for sh*t
If she ever wild, tryna ruin my dictatorship
I put her in the oven (What that mean?), [?] let her bake a bit
Uh, one land, one take off
One's annoying, one demand make her take off
One’s a older nympho, get mad when I say it’s soft
But she feel a way for sports, cried when the Lakers lost
She don't love me, love the company I keep
But the fans don't love me, mean they wanna be the sheep
My motto is to do it for the culture, they not of the same gene
You want the current wave, stay on the main stream
Is it me or is what I'm hearing just pitiful?
Airwaves the same, even the stereo is typical
It don't love me, it love the models that I be with
But when I be talking about all of these models I'm poppin' at least you believe it
Wanna know the secret? I guess it's how you time the sh*t
You come with wooden jewelry, I give her diamond di*k
I hit the booth and the track get nervous
If you say I sold out, try to track that purchase
If we shared the same life, n*gga you would understand it
When no matter the charges you accrue, you never panic
You would take advantage, when I feel like you the ruler of the planet
Get some head, a little hookah on the hammock
Rodman with the trash talk, the Magic will Walt with the black ball
Way I bounce off the asphalt with cat paws
Tried to trap me 'til I started to roam
Tried to keep me out the game, so I started my own

[Refrain 2: Joe Budden]
I mean, uh, she don't love me, she just infatuated
She was the side chick, then she graduated
99 problems and a b*tch is e'ry one of 'em
How the f*ck I'm gonna give di*k to every one of 'em?

[Interlude: [?]]
If you really, really wanna go, and you say you're really gonna leave me, then I think we should have one last night together, 'cause those nights were crazy. You remember that? You used to lay me in the bed and [?] my body, touch me, [?] rub up on you, take your pants off slowly. Smells, touches, those kisses. Those licks and sucks that you love so much. You don't want that again? [?] crazy [?], throw me around, pull my hair. When you gave it to me from behind, and when I couldn't take it anymore and I had to slide down on your di*k. Ooh, feels so good. I need that one more time. This [?] crazy. I wanna slide on it slowly. [?] so wet. I wanna c*m like I never came before. When my hands are hanging tightly on the bed. [?] so, so good. Damn, you gotta give it to me one more time, I just can't stop thinking about it! I'm 'bout to c*m right now! Yo, we gotta have one last night together, or you gotta f*ck the sh*t outta me one last time. [?] you're never gonna forget me [?] sh*t was bad

[Chorus: Emanny]
Tell me
You still care for me

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