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Frank Ocean


Something is wrong -

I don't really have a di*k in my ass

Even joking about it, that something is wrong. Is that what you're saying you want? Oh my Lord!

[character chuckles hysterrically]

Is that something you said you would like to experience? There's nothing funny about it

Nah, I really don't want a di*k in my ass

I mean honestly. No, no, no, but why would you even be joking like that here at this place?

'Cause I was just playing

You don't do that -

But I wasn't even talking 'bout myself, I was talking 'bout somebody else. I was talking 'bout how this one gay dude act

Okay, but what was this when you—when you first came up? African music as well as an African market

Come on cuz, I'm—I'm hungry cuz

Hold on. What is the African market?

You're listening to Blonded Radio

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