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Frank Ocean


I'm leaning out the window
OJ shining on me
Simpson shining on me
Sage produced this
Thanks Sage

Haste, patience take it slow
Keep the brakes on, let it roll
Never poured
A fifth of whiskey, chase it with the vodka
Have me off my rocker, get me catching blocka (okay!)
I'm leaning out like Frankie
I'm head to toe in Versace
I'm playing bruh, I ain't made it
Looking like she want me to give up control (I can't)
Patience, never hasty, on that honor roll (I choose)
Honor roll, cannon blow
I'm 'bout to blow like I'm Bowie
Stop hitting me up, you ain't sorry
You stealing the life from the party
You slept on me, now you want me?
I'm cheffing it up, 'cause I'm hungry
I'm lonely
I been waiting, been chasing
This fever dream, I need patience
I ain't got haste with it
I ain't got haste with it

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