Frank Ocean

"Nikes Remake"

Yeezus808s's Booklet

[Hook: Frank Ocean]
These b*t*hes want Nikes
They looking for a check
Tell 'em it ain’t likely

Said she need a date like Swift Taylor
She must’ve drinked a smuggled cargo
All she want is nikes
But the real ones
Are just you
And just me
I don’t play, I don’t got time
But if you need love I got you
Gonna try ‘til I die
[Verse 1]
Hol’up Plastic Glass!
R.I.P Trayvon
That fella had thoughts like me

[Frank Ocean]
Woo, f**kin’ Buzzin’ WOO!

To me she is nothing
She had a stainy slate
Babe, you ain’t safe, Hermione Brain!
We out by your school, Some Devil mermaids
Walking in the rain
I Smiled at your face
[Frank Ocean]
“now that’s a REAL MERMAID’
You’re Holding your Breath
Punk Madre Punk Papa

You don’t care for me
At least you talk with me

[Frank Ocean]
And that’s good enough
We don’t talk much or nothing
But when we talking bout something
We have good discussion

I saw your friends last week
Felt like they’re up to something
Live Long and YOUNG!

[Verse 2]
We’ll let you guys try to fly!
We’ll let you guys try to fly!
We’ll get the wings first!
We’ll let you boys try to cry
We gon’ Burst to it first!
Livin’ so the last touch, feels like a past life
[Frank Ocean]
Speaking of the, don’t know what got into people
Devil be possessin' homies
Demons try to body jump

Why you think I prayed for you in this twisted world huh?
Acid in the rain
Memories with you are glitter
Rain, Glitter
We laid out on this wet floor

[Frank Ocean]
Away turf, no Astro
Mesmerized how the strobes glow
Look at all the people feet dance

I know your shame came, with you
But it ain’t with you
We only human but it’s humid on our bare lips
I mean my jaw stickin’ up out of fear
We sharing romance, eyes Glow
Sipping Ice Gold mountain Dew

[Frank Ocean]


I may not be older, but I’ll look after you
We are in love, but you won't want us to
I’m not enough, but I’ll mean something to you
I’ll mean, Something, to you!

[Frank Ocean]
I’ll mean, something, to you!

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