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Frank Ocean


{Intro: Joseph Noah}
Sir, excuse me sir ay, um, would you like to check out my mixtape?
It's called *Fringe*
Excuse me ma'am, ma'am. How are you?
Would you like to check out my mixtape?
Well, at least y'all want to hear my music
Check it

{Verse 1}
I couldn't gauge your fears
I can't relate to my peers
I'd rather live outside
I'd rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I should move and settle
It's two kids in the swimming pool
I'm not brave (I'm not brave)

{Verse 2}
Just look into my life and understand all that I've seen
I been rejected from my friends and my family
I'm living on the edge and it feels like I'm lost and I'm losing my sanity
Just because I chose to chase an impossible dream, yeah
Check it I can't relate to my peers
The moment I'm unaccepted is the moment I fear
To outside the fringes places frigid and cold
Don't tell me how to fit in I'm too unique for your mold look
The outside, the fringe please don't call me your friend
You label me something else when you stop letting me in
The outside, the fringe this feels like home to me
'Cause being stuck on the inside means that you are not free
And they might tell you who to be
But love don't come from your acceptance in society
(I'm not brave)

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