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Confusing Guy

"How Tall He Weigh?"

[Verse: Confusing Guy]
I broke my arm now I can't never move my back (my ears)
Doctor giving me a show (why) cause I might need a cast (skrt brrt)
And she naked with her clothes on, taking nuts just like a squirrel (sandy)
I only date, but I don't cheat, I just have sex with different girls (with different women

Call me "London" put my tip inside yo bae (i put it in)
And my brother big as f*ck I just found out how tall he weigh (how tall he weigh)
Watching tv, on my radio, driving hippos in my cleanex
It's Halloween and now it's trick or better treatment (candy treat)

Dry my clothes in water cause my pillow playing golf
I just sh*tted on my toilet cause the bathroom way too flaw (*grunts* x6)
And my mom was bout' to speak, I made her stop before she talk (before she speak)
She grabbed my girlfriend cause I told her "hold that thought" (grab my hoe)

How the person who made weather knew the temperature for heat
Cause he be using dove how he know about degrees
I shot him in the arm it blew the brains from out his chest (boom x6)
He'll never give me credit cause my debit card is wet

[Outro: Confusing Guy & @hilariousross2]
Is it a car accident if you do it on purpose
I mean it depends I can't swipe my card again cause I don't like they clothes and it's just

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