Confusing Guy

"It’s October 32nd"

Green guy I was not born on my birthday is October 32nd if I make you turn on Mini-Me DTLA I don't even know where my iPhone kind of graph that's my main goal is he trying to tell about that you are a little hoe don't f**king b*t*hes today I was sucking d**k I don't like them cuz it was me trying to break down using them, if I hear all the name to get stalker stalker and family Famous Amos chocolate chocolate if I really want money they won't have a kid without me dessert kids craziest still don't even believe using condoms now I'm bringing sexy back good confusing out herе and he's really like еverything everything movie cuz I was stabbed I was not born on my birthday was October baby bird and come by the burden a really baby told that they trying to give me the never leave me no curves if you want some toys that I'm sticking though I know I don't even like that you kind of thinking to stick my d**k in her and she gone. He will have a full of the f**k is she going to say any more pictures. I'm really wondering why the first day out freestyle if I can look it up or not I need to know my sister so dumb how to take a double Master's room on off of the real f**king or let them people who owns this f**king Billy boy every f**king arrest in his message and I'm tired I spent $300 on that She's So Gone AIDS Message in a Bottle 205 really want the money now I can bring the money and then I will be over your house is so broken La Quinta need a place before you get home I brought the whole house to send me a picture of a baby song for love you look at you you're so f**king lazy and he's trying to get in my face so lazy yeah Morris so if I wanted her to look into your mouth, you have a p*n*s or Georgia yeah okay b*t*h
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