Yeah, baby, Very Rare, Members Only, yeah, baby
I'm with Ryan Santan in the motherf**kin' booth, yeah, baby
I got blood on my boots, yeah, baby (Gang, gang, gang)
Yeah, baby, throw that ass back on a tricycle, baby, yeah (Ayy, ayy)

Twelve b*t*hes on my d**k
That's that sucker sh*t
Don't talk to me, motherf**ker
I ain't tryna hear that sh*t, yo
Emo on my neck
Emo on my f**king wrist
Emo clique be packin' Tec's
Now we smack that b*t*h
I went from nothing to golden
I found his bike and I stole it
I went from homeless to mansions
To city projects and rovers
I want that West coast
East coast
Down South
Gang sh*t
Forks up
Whores stop
b*t*h we reppin' Satan
Dead inside
Dead all up in my own mind
Dеad is all I ever knew
I just wanna f**king diе
So I can slap this b*t*h ass right in her face
Tell her give me back my soul
After all this heart break
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