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"Fish Fry"

Uh huh
Just  wanna come through, say my peace, be out
Yeah,  uh

Cup full to the brim, emotions vacant
RTB 11 was truth unadulterated
Started  sensin' those that are threatened feel my presence is overstated
Thank  me later
You're welcome, even though you overstayed it
Uh,  I'm just tryna stay motivated
Tryna go a day wit' no complaining
I know
Parents created a pro when they procreated
So  I'm paintin' pictures to reminisce when the moment's faded
And I don't wanna be ultra famous
This feeling never gets old, long as the flow is ageless
I learned more about home in foreign places
So I'm distant, goin' through growth and changes
Yuh, sometimes it's therapy
Like when I act out of character and have to laugh at myself
Feels like a parody
Judging other rappers compared to me
Like if I prove I deserve their success it'd somehow be shared with me
Count blessings, keep track of failures carefully
Use the latter as a way to climb
That state of mind's a rarity
Ride for those that are there for me
Side switching's like heresy
And letting it slide's like charity
I'm on my own planet
They say we're made from space dust
Explains why I'm so scattered
Scatterbrained, clothes tattered, nomadic
Chose my own path, so I walk a road with no traffic
Know a couple on-the-low addicts
But I got my own habits
Just tryna find a balance
Put life on a canvas, paint in monochromatic
Live in the grey area, but won't look death in its eyes, like a closed casket
Before you criticize take a glimpse inside
I'm tryna empathize, check my ego, discipline my pride
I don't get out much, I been inside
When they do, they stress on what to wear
I'm more concerned with when and why
Only f*ck with those that fit my vibe
Gone till November, had to fallback
We just on different times
Moved to LA, left my city, why?
I was out of place, calling it home felt a bit contrived
Moved out my exes, just getting by
Prolly could've made it work but didn't try
I was with Chase at Blue Water eating Grouper
Them moments symbolized
My city like crabs in a bucket and I got bigger fish to fry
As good and evil intertwine, pick a side
Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde
Channel my spirit guide and slip and slide
Through the conscience of whatever soul let me hitch a ride
Yo, Bender passed, then I cried
Nipsey passed, then I cried
Life's a marathon, death's the finish line
Sip this vintage wine then unwind
Thinking 'They don't love me now? They will when I die.'
Just give it time
Just give it time

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