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"Lak Sa"

[Verse 1: Illmac]
Watching hours go slow thinking ‘how’d I grow old?’
With no rain on my roof then my flowers won’t grow
Been in hibernation
Tired of waiting, I lie awake and think about time I’m wasting, am I complacent?
Psh, I shoulda knew winter was coming, sh*t I’m from the north
That’s the quiet before the storm that’s coming forth
I watch the world burning from my porch
I woulda tried to put it out if I wasn’t bored
I throw a Dixie cup of water at it then it’s back to drugs and sports
Drunken snorts, like addiction is a love of sorts
I’m more convinced than uninformed, cut the cord
Ignore the cliff that we running towards
I need money or, someone who would love me for
Who I am, oh I got that, and need something more
No it’s not that, I mean I just wanna put my city and my family on
sh*t, when I started I ain’t know I’d last this long

[Chorus: Illmac]
I told myself I’d do it my for my neighborhood, I’ma take the north worldwide
I told myself I’d do it for my city, left and now I’m feeling like a lie
Told myself I’d do it for my family, couple people had to cut ties
Now I gotta do it for myself, but that’s between you and I

[Verse 2: Illmac]
What to do, watch a movie or play Call of Duty?
They got us on lockdown now, I’m scared I caught the cooties
A homebody already, the world just caught up to me
Take a trip to Portland and order the laksa at Nudi
Stop at Yoko’s if I wanted sushi
Talking sashimi nigiri, no no no no rolls I’m not a newbie
Nobody put me on, when I was young
Underdog, yeah that’s where I’m from
I’m from the Johns, my comfort zone, was on my own
Yeah that made me strong, my pops and mom couldn’t get along (divorce)
The love was lost, it all falls when the summer’s gone
Winter comes and it thaws, guess I was wrong, when
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