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"Hot In Chinatown Freestyle 1"

(Yeah) When this comes on the club, I'm a whole, whole different person

[Verse 1]
Couple models that are models are in my arms
Whole club started like they just heard a car alarm
But nobody broke into a whip
It's Mr. Prizzy back on his God Buddha ish
Jam like zumba, looking super when I free on these classics
Leather inside the whip, girl these seats are in fabric (Baby!)
I am D to the Pryde, a.k.a Prius to me is a ride
When Prizzy in your system, girl you'll fall in L-O
V-E, dont tell no-
Body cause'
I'm trying to keep it on the low
Vamanos to all you fugazis
It's the Prizzy the greatest, maybe like Maybelline (ah!)
Screaming like Freddy was behind you
Instead this be the sound that your stereo provides you
Boom bye bye, no gamba reneation
Chink boy bop bop, shout to Jamaica
It's j*rk chicken in Queens, holla holla Woodside
Obtained a bad b*tch, I love it when I'm on her good side
Eating dumplings, won-ton by the pound, it's about to go down
Hate me, I claim the fame
I was patient waiting for change
Almost made it, came from the bottom
Now nothing looks like the same momma
Hustler, I know you bast*rds doubt me
No spray fragrance, but axe about it if you ask about me (yeah)

I'm a hustler baby, (I'm a hustler)
I just want you to know, (wanna let you know)
It ain't where I been, (it ain't where I been)
But where I'm bout to go, (top of the world!)
Now I just wanna love you, (just wanna love you)
But be who I am, (you know you love me)
And with all this cash, (mo' money, mo' problems)
You'll forget your man
Now give it to me

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