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[Intro - JusReign]
Yo this is JusReign, and you're listening to Richvale Summer you f*ckin' b*tch, and Pryde you suck

[Intro 2 - Pryde]
Real sh*t, real sh*t
Your plug, I finessed it
Your girl, I finessed it
Hold on, break it down
I just got one more thing to say, Richvale Summer

[Verse 1]
Rollin' that weed with a baddy, she drivin', she whippin' the ride
Pushin' some serious sh*t so she really take care of her car like there's children inside
Outfit on take, got some serious reps, I'm just breakin' your neck, I'm just killin' your eyes
Savin' the day like the hero, but man if you really look close boy a villain arrived
I touch down like AYE, I just walked off like holdup
Me and Danny 'bout to go hammy up in your town, and y'all can't control us
We ain't came from the hood but we still go buck
What you give boy? Still no f*cks, I'm the real Sho'nuff
Shorty on the pill, but she blowin' up my phone, but I will not cuff
I'm screamin', screamin', screamin', screamin', I've been through enough sh*t
Spent it all but still I'm still ballin' on this budget
Got a shorty who I f*ck with, not in love with, but she blowin' up my phone trynna wonder what I'm doin~

Comin' from that North Side
I got b*tches all on my mind, I got money comin' on time, bank look like I'm doin' mad crimes
I got b*tches, bros, business flow, they keep bangin' my line
I got b*tches, bros, business flow, they keep bangin' my line

[Verse 2]
Holdup, holdup, holdup, holdup
Pop that pus*y for the chinky kid
You just like "Wait did he really say that?"
b*tch I think he did
Suck di*k for some Trukfit, what's with all these f*ckboys trynna butt kiss, maybe cause I came up from the underground, been through all the tough sh*t and everything I write sound crispy like a cutlet (I'm down)
I walk in like I'm lethal, black chicks, white chicks, "Hi nice to meet ya'"
Smoke somethin', get high with the crew, I mean so damn high you look like my people
I need to go on vacation, my shows are amazin', my clothes are mistaken for style
There's money in piles, but I just invest it to make more and spend it on flyin'
Now maybe if you were in my shoes, you would be ignorant too, you would talk sh*t like a fool, come and get lit with the crew
Do all the sh*t that you said you do
But you live a basic ass life, you got a basic ass b*tch and a basic ass mind
You hate on me and waste time, if you need me bang on my line, just bang on my line
Run up

[Hook] (x2)

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