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"Iced Coffee Freestyle"

You don't start nothin'
There won't be nothin'
You don't start no sh*t
There won't be no sh*t

Real flowing through my real veins
Talking to a chick that doesn't even know my real name
Kill the beat, got you knowing that my skill's Cain
Cause I'm able to, have you know that this Asian dude

Is 'bout his business
Roll up to your grocery store with 'bout a thousand b*tches
If you're praying for my downfall, I'm sacrilegious
Beat your mouth with an orange and stick an apple in it
Through the town I live in, I be

Black hoodied up, not even trying to make a robbery
Make fun of my fans but your buzz is big as a poppy seed
Too many undergrounders think that they could be on top of me
My rap skills missionary, f*ck you and the b*tch you marry

Beating down on every single fan you own-
Some of my fans grew up, they too cool, they too grown
Some of these rappers quit, I came through spittin' too strong
Laughing at your funeral, kicking down your tombstones

Spittin' simple baby, you get the punch
I do your girl like the McDonalds logo, two yellow humps
Then I'm bussin' off quick and it's on to the next one
Every verse I write feels like my best one

I hope you rappers play Russian Roulette with like, the best gun
Every time you spit is like you're tryna do a test run
Beatin on a haters head just like some drums and quest love
Baby who's the next uuuuuuuuuuuup

It's muhhhhfuggin

Hell yeah I'm spittin' like I used to do it
Tim Allen your marriage, I'll give your "Home Improvement"
Brampton boy, yeah I'm sick, and you know it babe
Their mixtape bests sound like my mixtape throwaways

On my Soundcloud
I'm DMX with my bark, and you're just a bow-wow
No diss to Bow Wow
Squad up b*tch, pow-wow
Even my throwback tracks got the now sound


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