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"Pixar Movies"

Aw man
Aw man goddamn
I'll let the music speak for a bit

(Verse 1)
When I die spread my ashes in Italy
Was supposed to take mama there but this ain't 'bout sympathy
Baby this some swag rap
Go and get that bag rap
That draped in St. Laurent sh*t
That f*cking up Saks rap
Credit card scam rap
That we don't pay tax rap
That I don't know sh*t if the cops gotta ask rap
You see my chick ass poking with a fat rack
Don't be surprised if she asks where the cash at
Crack that yellow tail
Pop that sh*t like it's aged
I ain't throwin' ones girl, but pop that sh*t like I'm made
f*ck courtside, I'm at your crib di*kin' your bae
Watching Westbrook scorin' 36 in the paint
I'm teed off
Taking risks while you be taking weeks off
This nothing you'd expect from a player you never met
I'm not workin' for a check
I'm workin' to be the best

Trynna chase Disney numbers like Pixar sh*t man
Do the f*ckin' math

(Verse 2)
Tipped the waitress well she said she liked my jacket choice
Like my tattoo choice
Said she loved my raspy voice
Still bangin' on your local bottle waitress
Takin' hotties to Hibachi, I don't party with the A-list
Cause they just wanna see your boy livin' sadly
f*ck coppin' me a chain, I'm trynna' spoil my family
They'd rather see me middle class
Sad, annoyed in a Camry
But I'm just trynna' cop a range and way more for my dad
I hold empathy, my step dad was workin' way before immigration
I'm workin' every day so he could see his kid just make it
It's taken long but it really takes a little patience
With some backwoods and blue dream, getting faded
She makin' a mistake if that chick is leaving
Cause she gon' be married to a legend like she Chrissy Teigen
Business breezin' Vale season is approaching
This is beauty, take a breather for a moment

Don't be a di*k man
Be a good person
I'm only about going forward
I gotta feed the family
Feed the team
Feed myself
Feed the f*ckin' city
I'm that dude, what could I f*ckin' say
What you want me to do I'm sorry

(Verse 3)
During the holidays my mama gift wrapped some empty boxes and put 'em under the tree so it could look like gifts were there but they wasn't
That sh*t hurt me
She gave it her all
And she ain't have much
We ain't had a big house but damn sure had love
We still had a real bond
sh*t was unconditional
Now she gone but only physical
I'm who she's living through
My mom would tell me that I'm handsome right now
People think this sh*t was random, this my passion, I'm proud
Puffin' trees till the AM, I'm still ashin' this loud
Sexin' women out of my league
White, black, yellow, brown
Vale sweaters, 8-balls, cherry prints on the Vans
I coulda flopped and quit this sh*t
But lil b*tch I'm the man
I coulda been in college owing student loans, paying bands
Now I'm stuntin' motivating so these kids understand
I'm young Russell
Mmm... Richvale

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