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[Verse 1]
Yea, OK
Show's over we done ran it with a clean up
Get your popcorn and your peanuts
I just came in stunting trynna scout some new workers like I'm Regis
Who wants to make a milli baby, we up
They just always fake than natural like implants with them D-Cups
They diss you then they Goku, after you make 'em Freeza
And you b*tch be drinking balls, scratching both their knees up on this clay rock
Let's cash out with that Ridin' Round with that Nina, motherf*cker
I done played the b*tch for way too long, baby
I told 'em f*ck it let's get on
Taught 'em how to look at thotties, this right here your song
And let me see that tho-th-th-tho-thong
sh*t bring it back, Prizzy Prizzer
Bosses right on you interns
They try to play me salty, but they sweeter than a Twizzler
I just broke the door down with all my f*cking hitters, and made this b*tch close what it isn't

I just tell 'em Adios (Huah!)
Goodbye, motherf*cker time to go!
Hasta la vista! Au Revoir, Farewell, Adios
I swear that y'all been in this b*tch for way too long
Hasta la vista! Au Revoir, Farewell, Adios

[Verse 2]
Look, Grand Benz on that [?] like I'm Hov
We walked in like f*ck your little velvet rope
Walk up take the mic, like boy forget about a host
Turn it up, make a scene, and then I Rolls Royce Ghost
Making stacks, spend the stack, and making double that
My ethics make these old heads get their hustle back
These young boys make the older men p*ssed off, like now I sell some too fast, I don't f*ck with that
But we don't f*ck with you, we don't f*ck with you
I told them hoes I'm too real baby, double truth
I had took a couple L's to get a W
Even if I went to Australia I still wouldn't be down under with you
We did it, we did it, I get it, I'm in it right now
Beginning to win it, I'm picking my fit for the crown
His chick is committed, but Prizzy is di*kin' her down
Tell you friends f*ck what they say, because this is the sound

She said baby I love you, I want you to stay
I tell her I'm busy, girl, please not today
Her man is complaining cause I'm f*cking better
Then I call them up and I tell 'em


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