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"The Thrill"

[Produced by Joey Castellani]

[Verse 1: Pryde]
Downtown roaming with the whole clique
Know we all gon' snap like it's '06
Oh sh*t, it's the yellow Ryan Gosling
I don't halfway sh*t, I want the whole thing
Still f*cking bad news and my knuckle tattoos
And a chick that's new to my city
I know you don't got a clue who you're with but my crew is the sh*t
You don't gotta worry with me
Drinking on a rooftop, don't fall down
Baby know we can't stop, won't stop now
Yeah we used to wait up at the bus stop, now we having fun
And we're almost number one like how, how?
We lost back then, now we about to win
Champagne on apartment balconies
You can pop a molly, baby girl, whatever, that's cool
You can do the drugs but don't let them do you, do you
Baby girl, do you, ain't even went to class but I'm leading the new school
I know they've got money, doesn't mean they're cool dudes
You could be a lame with a bank like Gates
You moved to the city, got a condo downtown
You just want the team to show you the night life
I know just how you feel, I ain't into over-thinking
Twist the cap on my bottle and get right

[Hook: Pryde & Gabrielle Ross]
I know you're new to everything, let me show you around
Oh, I know just what you want, I could show you if you're down
She said, "I just wanted time, need a night up on the town
Yeah I drink, yeah I smoke, yeah I do all that sh*t tonight
For the thrill of it, for the thrill of it
The thrill, the thrill
For the thrill of it, for the thrill of it
The thrill, the thrill

[Verse 2: Pryde]
Y'all know me, still the same old D from the dirty B
Hated on by most these haters with no cheese, but my b*tch on fleek
I ain't gotta speak, I still will make you listen
And I'm in the kitchen steady pot and pan whipping
Peter Piper piping on your precious princess, youngin'
You know you're f*cking with your brother, incest youngin'
Said mix it down, pour it up, teen spirit up in my cup
You ain't the hottest up in the city, I get it, boy, I don't give a f*ck
905, 416, three years back they ain't on my sh*t
But my wardrobe on 100, no temper tantrum but I'm throwing fits
'Preme tees with the matching hats, we're like '03 Aftermath
Now how crack is that? More green than a cabbage patch
So roll it up, girl, pass the grass
And I ain't gotta be underground, stay underground
So you could tell me I'm the best and the next up
Baby girl, dress up, puff your chest up
Get them eyebrows done and let's get drunk

[Hook] [x2]

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