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"All I Do Is Win"

[Intro: D-Pryde]
D.P. Rizzaaaahhh
Turn my auto-tune on right quick

[Hook: D-Pryde]
All I do is win, win, win, no matter what
Got music on my mind I can never get enough
N' every time I step up in the building
Every bodies hands go up
N' they stay there, N they stay there, N they stay there
Up down, Up down, Up down
Cause all I do is win, win, win
N' if you going in put your hands in the air, make em stay there

[Verse 1: D-Pryde]
If you ain’t here a voice, It’s a Filipino boy getting on, D-Prizzy on the beat now
If I ain’t one of the most for the best little kid I think we need a little recount
I’m a beat down
I’m Jet Li now
I’m the one get it done ever renown
Killing every b*tch I beat up on the market
If he shoots for the stars catch me on the rebound
I’m blazing threw the streets cause my music is mad
Well known Skywalker like, Luke was my dad
Came in the game poofing like, who is this lad
Unsigned Valedictorian, in music’s my grad
Without agitated facts, I’ll pass your haters facts
See the crown growing up like a graduation cap
Cause you riding the what
Cause we riding so free
Now she’s riding with us cause you couldn’t ride her like me!

[Hook: D-Pryde]

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