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"How to break a heart"

[Verse 1]
Fooled me once, fooled me twice
Guess I always knew that
You’d get caught, in the lie
Said we wouldn't do that
No, you don’t wanna cross another line
I can’t promise you will end up fine like I want you to be

Don 't you push it too far
You don't know what I'm all about, nah
Wait up
When I love it hits hard
There's no going back
This is how to break a heart

Papp, papp, papp
How to break a heart

[Verse 2]
Warned you once I warned you twice
You didn't wanna listen
Bit my tongue, so we don't fight
Tired of your b*t*hin'
I don't wanna hurt you one more time
But it is like you push me round and
Round my mind
All the time, ooh
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