Roy Jones Jr.
And Still

Eh yo im still wondering why
Im still...
Im still the badest motherF**ker to ever step in the ring
Im hitting em with rights and lefts and all kinds of things
Im beating one after the other
Im like a big ass bear for a ???? but see my skills got me covered
So bring me your shit starters and watch me get smarter
And you can still sell speakers that can hit harder
Unless there amped with half a stransnova
And after ive completed the job I stand over
(erm)another misfourntate victim
I hate to see him go like that
But ya keep on digging
(erm) that's just another closed chapter

Im Mr. unstopppable (and still)
Im Mr. undroppable (and still)
Mr. invisbile (what)
Mr. unbeatable (and still)
Mr. unknockoutable X2

Taken From a Boxing Video (Best I Could do)SHAZAN.N.H - Nelson