Roy Jones Jr.
Don’t Start It
Look, Look
You made me think to step in this square
We got some killers up in here
And he hating a player
Disregard what you saw outside
Pay attention to the waist
I don't think you want a dent in yo face
Say, I advise you to look dead then be cool
You came in here with some shit on yo mind
Well me too
I'm just trying to sip something
Me & Roy trying to flip something
We chilling, so quit bugging
I'm hard, like I been on Viagra all my life
I put the dick down on some ass every night
As far as I'm concerned everything here is copasetic
So put on tight til you hope that she sure come get it
Talk that shit now walk that walk
I'll beat a hoe in the mouth til she can't talk
I'll catch you at the light with the car in park
Show you I can finish anything I start

[Hook x4]
If you don't want it
I advise you don't start it
We can get retarded
Fuck around and get slaughtered
[2 x]
Get the fuck now
You better get the fuck now

I'm in the cut, on a hunt for a hot piece
N***as all in my mouth
Like they got beef
Not me n***a
You don't want my troubles
Cause shit can turn dark quick
If I touch her
Now must you just get bucked for your peeps
Cause my n***as don't look that tough
When they sleep and me I rather be with a dime on the grind
Instead of checking this n***a for disrespecting my mind
Cause I'm Mr. Jones a n***a with a fist of stones
Split yo dome and won't have to get the chrome
Fix your tone
Unless you bout getting on
A whole nother level
Cause I'm passed that shit you on
Get it, got it, good, gangsta
My n***as out here, would spank ya
But I ain't want to go that route
You know the deal
Rather knocking n***as off or knocking n***as out for real