Roy Jones Jr.
I Smoke I Drank (Remix)
Beat doctor
Lets welcome 'em Body Head style

I smoke, I drank I tote that iron

Yeah I'm ridin through your neighborhood
Bumpin, blowin on some good
I keep a Glock and got a big drop underneath my hood
I'm from Atlanta
Ol' school like some grey vannah
Right up the street from Florida, Tennessee and Alabama
I keep 'em working
Keep a pistol, cause these n***as shady
I hit Louisiana just to say whats happenin baby
Say I'm a timer, diamonds all up in my watch piece
The Whip painted chrome please make 'em watch me
I smoke and drank wanna stop but I can't
So I guess smoking an drankin all the way to the bank to the bank
I'm switchin lanes rollin up purple stank still
Sippin that purple stuff cause I'm addicted to drank

I smoke, I drank I'm supposed to stop but I can't
I'm a dog
I love hoes
And I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes
Do it big then
Do it big n***a
Do it big n***a
Do it big n***a
Now I ain't got nothing but dick for you ho's
I won't trip
Ain't sick for you ho's
Ain't got nothin to give to no n***a
Deal with no n***a
Chill with no n***a
I'm a keep a stack of that funny smelling tobacco
Heater in my hand
N***a ready to act up
Got damn fool
Ignorant mutha fucka, bout to lose my cool
Let me smoke a Kool
So I can calm my nerves
Find me a duck, get some head in the burb
I'm a fool with them ho's n***a
That's my word
Show me a dime
And I bet I'm getting served
Everybody know me probably saw me half cocked
Drunk, high in the club
Bout to get it hot
Louisanna n***a
Down here we gets buck
And if we ain't fightin
It's probably cause we're to fucked up

I drink good and hell I feel fine
But see I'm a Young Blood bitch and I'm high
No I don't sip wine
Boy I sip Goose see
18 shots of Petrone done got me loose
Now we're buying out the bar
We pourin up them dranks
Tryin to stop this madness
I'm slizzered but so I can't see
This is how we do it my n***a down in the South
Can't stand a fuckin hater
Now go on and stomp 'em out
Cuz see we do it real big
Bitch I'm a dog
Rollin with my n***a Magic
We bout to ball
In the club shakin hoes
Straight up out the door
I'm serving in my Chevy about to let these n***as know

That Roy gone ball
Cause Roy got bread
Roy ain't got to smoke or drank he gets head
Roy keep at least six women up in the bed
Roy do it big
Cause Roy got it made
Body Head
[Hook 1x]

Let me see you n***as
Uh uh stomp
Uh uh stomp
Uh uh stomp

Jig, Jig, Jig
Jig, Jig, Jig

Oh what you thought we was goin somewhere... sike!

[Hook 1x]

Body Head Bangers Vol 1 ya heard me