Roy Jones Jr.
If you're a gutta ass n***a
Bout ya butta
Let me hear ya holla
Now if ya still chasing dollars
Let me here you n***as holla
Now if you love to get your thug on
Let me hear ya holla
Now if you love to get your thug on
Let me hear ya holla

[Teddy Wheat]
I gotta get that dough
I just gotta get me a lil bit more
I'm a fiend for the bread, so the Ted is out for the cash flow
I like them nasty hoes, them hood rats, them ghetto women
I'm a ghetto hustla, so yea dog I'm ghetto pimpin
I fuck wit n***as who fuck with thugs, fuck with
N***as that fuck wit drugs
Pop slugs, fuck wit n***as ain't scared to bust you up
By word or mouth, you heard about the dirty South
Well I'm a Pensacola Gangsta, motherfucker, with a dirty mouth
We got them haters heads spinning like Sprewells
And while you hater trippin, Body Head winning ya'll females
Dawg, I hit the spot and I'm ready to get my club on
Looking for something rub on, spend a few dubs on

Give me a ten dollar bill and watch me flip it to 100
All you other n***as getting blunted
My n***as on the grind
Tryin make a million before I'm 30
I'm up early ready to get my hands dirty
With some parafanailia, contrband
Looking for some illegal
I'm your man
Got a bad habbit for money
I need to kept it by the lump sum
Mentality, military you sure you want some
I'll make a midget out of a 7 foot n***a
A 3" blade with seven shots to the liver
I was born and bread in the worst of the clubs
Roamed in rumors, thugged in Whispers
I'll hustle in front the county jail if the block pop
Mutha fuck a pig I'm a thug I got my thang cocked
N***as stuck up in the game
See all my n***as huntin and the chase don't change


Well n***a guess who's back the fat villain in black
Smash ya face wit a bat
Gizzy be killin you cats
I'm on a grind for the stacks
Steadily busting my gat
That's how I got where I'm at
I hustled til the day crack
I kept the feinds coming back
The streets is mean
Where I'm at that's why my heart so cold
That's why a n***a so bold
Stay high mean mugging
Tote a black four-four
Keep a chip on my shoulder
Ask me I don't know if I tell you
I have to kill you
Dead n***as don't speak
Call me quick draw Mcgraw
I dare you motherfuckers
Reach a brutal lesson I will teach
Leave ya blood in the streets
You cotton candy n***as
Sweet only thug over beats