NWM Cee Murdaa

"30 Block"

I been feeling like I'm at the top of the top, been pulling off lot after lot
Say they been dissing then I'm hitting block after block, then hit they ass shot after shot
Boy you know my name, I'm Mister Go Kill A Opp
Took my b*t*h to the mall to go shop
Say you want smoke? Well n***a, I smoke a lot
Want a hit then pull on 30 Block
b*t*hes be thinking they n***as so tough 'til they get they gun took then they stand lookin' stuck
Think I'm finna fight him because he buff, when this .40 come out I'mma shoot 'fore I up
That boy tried to run knocked his ass out his Chucks
They was red anyway, I'm a Crip not a Blood
That boy was shocked 'cause he seen all that blood
But I said "What's up, n***a, ain't you a Blood?"
In that position n***as diss they own hood
Then they go to screw hеad down and put on a hood
Been a big dog, they wishin' they could
So they put down thеy gloves and they picked up a gun
Now they on they high horse like "Who want the smoke?"
They think I'm a joke, I'mma up and I blow
I'm thinkin' this lil' dude I up in the scope but he told me he out tryna slide for his bro
So I asked the lil dude "Is he dead or alive?"
He said that he dead so he pickin' his side
He throwin' em a party but ain't no surprise
He went and copped the 10 and he went copped the 9
That boy wasn't trippin' off no 9 to 5, he was trippin' off who going to slide on them guys
I said "Do you wanna be dead or alive?"
He said "You live to die, so I'm dyin' to ride"
5 years later this n***a a beast, he NWM and he claim 30 Deep
But what they don't know that he been f**ked with Streets and he been runnin' around sayin' Long Live JD
In his tenure [?] the youngest DP
Him and Pistol been planning on killing Kylie
Might be new to y'all but it ain't new to me
Only thing new to me is blue hundreds I see
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