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Sara Bareilles

"Door Number Three (Demo)"

Door number two
It's for you, little lady
Is it all that you dreamed of?
Oh, if I knew what had been there waiting
I'd have screamed out and jumped up

Now here I am
With my feet on the sand
And a body that won't move
The tide's coming in
And I'm bound for a swim
In a pair of cement shoes

He takes what he can, what he wants
Doesn't matter if it's ever been given
I took the bait and a chance on a man
Sold by the boy that he lived in

And I was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong
And I had hope in a change I would see in us both
And now I'm heavy
He lifts me, but never once carried
Door number two, I've already walked through

Ask me the question:
Who coulda guessed I would be here at this crossroad?
Plain to be seen that it's all up to me
I'm no longer alone, though

And nothing's changed
And I see it more every day
Nothing moves
It's a game to be played and to lose

And now I'm heavy, unsteady
But maybe I'm getting ready
And this might catch fire and char this ground

I might lift this up to only be the one
Who's gonna get let down
Will I be enough to get this on its way
To find some higher ground?
Before the waters rush, I've got to make a change
Or else I know I'll drown

Baby, look around
Door number two, I've already walked through
I wanna see what's behind door number three

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