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They cease to manage me-
The recent savage
Earning stripes like the Easter Rabbit
Decked in middle eastern fabric
There’s more dressing with increasing salad
5 star palette
New valid mamacita only speak in Spanish
My work ethic nothing foreign to opposition
What’s their proposition?
Attack the boy when they are not conditioned?
Flank him from awkward angle?
Guess they got suspicious
That their shawty been f*cked me
In the squat position
I’m talking sh*t, but listen
Move or I’m tectonic shifting
Knew that time was slipping
And the clock was ticking
That why I focus my attention on the new
And not what rots the mission
Dropping anybody that ain’t cost efficient

So you keep your time, bro don’t waste mine
She feel my vibe through the FaceTime
‘Til I get sly on her waistline
Pull her close in
And still whisper that she ain’t mine
(She ain’t mine!!)
Who they playing?
This is the big league
Chew on every fact
That I been working like there’s six me’s
Since three
Mama knew the genius in this mixed breed
5’6”- how the brody ballin’ like he 6’3”?

Calm sinister
Vile villainous, prime spitter
Dime getter
Any synonym to feel the vibe better
I guess I’m in this ‘til the vine split or
Shawty with the 9 with her
Find out I been f*cking with her fine sister
The culmination of inappropriate ‘propriation
In all relations, I think and write it
Its automation
Lately I been stationed
With pains, growing up
Constellations tell her how we incompatible
And now she often anxious
f*ck it, I’ll stay racking up these tricks cracking
Brick stack
Her ‘pretty little fears’
Got me 6-lacking
Uber to her if the 6 lacking
Maneuver ‘til her lips smacking
Screaming louder than a whip cracking
“How long this trip lasting?”
That’s like your third time baby quit asking
We on this Journey till you stop believing
So Don’t Stop Believin’
Small town girl, city boy-
I’m outta rhymes

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