Shaquille O’Neal
Shaquille O’Neal and Sonja Blade Freestyle
Funkmaster, Big Dawg
Flex, Sonja Blade
Freestyle, uhh, uhh

Show your best, Shaq sh*t'll blow your chest
Go through your vest one time flow correct
Brick City style talk with flair, walk on air
Sumo, your Halle Berry coochie wear was just a rumor
Crazy raw, blaze the hardwood floors
Shut out a whole country two, days before
Slay your w****, like you never heard of the man
Rap, Roberto Duran, you, Davy Moore
So much dough, I could buy a third of the land
Crash my Jeep jump out, my Suburban you ran
If you ask me, Shaq ain't flashy
One piece of platinum make my whole body ashy
N***a what?

[Sonja Blade]
Uhh, yo
It's the sty' thing, I'm a feast, you fried wings
Sonja Blade gettin more light than your high beams
It's over, when I spit my words I make it dark
Like an eclipse occurred when my click emerge
I flip you birds, not a gravedigga but I getcha sh*t
Then serve, y'all know that this chick's disturbed
I spit superb, so ill, and so real
While you no frills with no deals I hold steel (BLOW)
And if I don't kill you, bet the flows will
For my n***as that ain't here I'm lettin the Mo' spill
Briefcases of cough, like a coke deal
Uncut verses, nuttin but dope skill
Can't fill my shoes, beyond complicated
All them big gats you got they confiscated
Contemplate, I'm the sh*t, and you constipated
I slaughter all cause y'all water got it concentrated

See that? Funk Flex, Shaq Dog, Sonja Blade, Redrum
How we do, nine-eight, uhh