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Shaquille O’Neal

"Sittin’ On Chrome 1996 [CD 1 & 2] (Mixtape)"

Sittin' On Chrome 1996 [CD 1 & 2]
(Slick Rick's personal tape)
CD 1:
1.DJ Screw & Slick Rick - Twisted (Shout Outs)
2.Richie Rich - Something About The West Coast (Screw Mix)
3.Da Brat - Just A Little Bit
4.Suave House - Peace Of Mind
5.Shaquille O'Neal & Notorious BIG - Can't Stop The Rain
6.Dogg Pound - She Was Just A Groupie
7.2Pac - White Man's World
8.Ice Cube - Irresistible b*tch

CD 2:
1.Old School - Giving You My Love
2.Tela - Tired Of Ballin
3.B-Legit & 2Pac - n*ggas Then Change
4.Twista - Money Flow
5.Suave House - Hoes In The Club
6.Yo-Yo & E-40 - I Wanna Thank You
7.2Pac - Time Goes By
8.Genesis - Its Gonna Get Better

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