Shaquille O’Neal
Lyrically Fit
[Intro: Various]
Yo, yo, Elaquaz Gates speaking
Y’all know me
Once again, we definitely do not need no hooks
(Word up)
No hooks
This is the TWIsMer symphony
‘Til infinity!
What you want?
Yeah, check it, check it
Something like this, check it

[Verse 1: Big Pun]
Yo, why you rhyming like you killing n***as
You ain’t never feel a trigger
Screaming that you real, but you’re still beginners
I make examples out you ample rappers
Smack you, make you trample backwards
Catch you falling flat then strap you back in Pampers
That’s a sample just to let you know
Test me and invest in souls
Especially on some flesh meats that was left on skulls
Those opposing, holding grudges, will be holding crutches
Motherf**kers blasting me, that’s blasphemy, I’m old to roughage
Who’s the toughest? As rough as they come, I’ll snuff ‘em
Any one of you bluffing, my name ain’t Punisher for nothing
Keep huffing and puffing, I’ll blow your face in
When me and Seis and my ace in the hole lyrical a**a**in be Triple Seis-ing
Chasing po-po out of puerto town, loco ‘til I part the ground
In my coffin tossed into the lost and found
Down in deep beneath the weather in my leather job
Six feet forever, half-asleep— Bronx n***as never die

[Verse 2: Chris Rivers]
I be the awesome maker, off the coffin breaker, awesome order shaker
Work invader, Jordans flossing off then I’m the chocha taster
Clique vodka knickerbocker, wicked boxer, sickest monster
March, Scala uppercut them thick sponsors you d**k-chompers
Incredible, Tennessee’s dragging blood in the pedigree
Immortalizing everyone, beat you down for like centuries
Impressing me? Barely, your life is not necessary
I’m Peter Pan to you fairies, nefarious action bearing
Criminal, lyrically I’m parallel yet minimal
Keep on talking sh*t, I’ll put your body with the minerals
Grow a tree, known to be explosive, ain’t no holding me
Fifty thousand blunts and you could count ‘em as my potency
Ocean-deep inside your mom’s esophagus
Gargle it and hawk up spit
Shut up, little n***a, give your moms a kiss
Pitiful, and we never stumble on the lyrical
Even if we stutter, we will still sh-sh-sh*t on you

[Verse 3: Cormega]
You know exactly what you dealing with, a captivating lyricist
Who get it in with a pen or extended clip, killin’ it
Like children in the city of God, we rock Timberlands
While chilling on villainous blocks, you not built for this
Infinite skill is genuine, realism
Apparently I give you a clear picture
So you understand I’m not playing with you, better ask somebody
Go by my men who show me love, loyalty, and respect
Or your family crying as you lying
That’s my word I’m standing by
The red dot on your head will leave you absentminded
For acting live, the man who’s wiser advances higher
If you think life’s a b*t*h, the pa**ion’s dying
You lack the fire to satisfy, the smasher-riders
Thinking they can see me are merely blinded by their denial
It’s a clear reminder, there’s levels, I continue rising
You and your feelings are for women, I have the finest
[Verse 4: Shaquille O’Neal]
My caliber’s incredible, Shaq is a regular
Hunting down your sector or moving like the Predator
Camouflage injecter-a, rhyme rector-a
Front-line connector of drastic measure-a
Round One recommender-a in the splendor of
In my crib I create, send your a** upstate
I’m remarkable, remake, you remind, I retake
I was born this great, you reenact your fate
Fool, n***as in the boroughs better activate
Expeditiously, Shaq will get loose on brakes
Twenty-four hours, seven days a week
My God, tell me what y’all know about me
I blow up your block like a M-80
A blockbuster, whether or not my style’s gutter
N***as talking sh*t, damn, y’all can’t fade me
You the past, bro, gone like the ‘80s

[Verse 5: Easy Mo Bee]
Break it down, Shaq, a few of these emo got that back black
From Brooklyn to Orlando, we play, top-of-the-stacking ‘em
We racking ‘em, tray two on the knapsack, click-clacking ‘em
With caliber, having a good time getting back at ‘em
TWIsM, get wism, recognize the O’Nealism
Soul survivor, I strive, more beats is what I give ‘em
I live ‘em, eat, swallow, and breathe one, heard you need one
Word is bond, put that down on my only seat, son
Running full-court, five mics in The Source
Elbows and knees, please give respect to the boss
The on-the-real, the on-the-regular, the go-for-jugular
The rap smuggler, the giving-props-to-Smoothe-da-Hustler
Rappin’ is fundamental, sole survivor in the nation
You face it, the crew next a few, man, lace ‘em
[Outro: Big Pun]
The bigger we are, the harder we hit
The harder we hit (What, n***a?)
Lyrically fit for this type of sh*t
Push us in a corner and we’re coming out
Fighting, what you’re writing ain’t important
Not the spite, it’s full extortion
The bigger we are, the harder we hit
The harder we hit (What, n***a?)
Lyrically fit for this type of sh*t
Push us in a corner and we’re coming out
Fighting, what you’re writing ain’t important
Not the spite, it’s full extortion
Full extortion