Shaquille O’Neal
Strait Playin’
It's hard being this good

[Verse 1]
I took a stand in the 90's
Shook but heard turnin it
The fact that Shaq could leave a cold track burnin
Even though in the Tahoe
My whole crew could follow
I convoy 100,000 dollar car follow
Keep your eyes on the biggest big man in the era
Represent rap for all
Enrico Gates bring the terror
T,W,I s to the M The World Is Mine
I'mma shout from now till' 99
I'm dope for breakin backboards easy
Even caught bills slippin
Like they greasy
Pockets stay cheesy
Believe me
I can stack your chips on the remix
And you still couldn't see me
Now pay me
Run to the border
Hit the water
Cause your style and your profile is out of order
I flow like a river
None come bigger
It's a fact big Shaq is just one bad

I like playin on the west side
Even though I miss playin on the east side
My girl Michelle still got my back and its alright
We could do it from the night until the daylight
I got suckers from my past tryin to feel me
And all the ones gettin fresh tryin to kill me
A force goes through her body that could chill me
There's nothing left for you to do but try to feel me

[Verse 2]
We can cut through the red tape
And bust through the fakers
Keep your eye on big Shaq
And put your money on the Lakers
I'm guaranteed
(To do what?)
I repeat I'm guaranteed
To bring it to your face indeed
Type of brother who can stay up all night and hit 40
After the game get naughty
And pull your shorty
Then it's on to the next stage to bring it to your idol
Bring it to your whole team and bring home the t**le
Let my crew known for how we do when we travel
Let's straddle leavin folks grounded like gravel
Saddle up your horse and hit the course
It's your turn
You could stay in my face and watch your whole crew burn
Now some say I
Don't shine I
Know a different story, never lie
Come watch me fly the sky's no limit
And Shaq's no gimmick you can mimmick
But you front and your finished

[Verse 3]
Now peace to the playa haters that hate me playin
Knock what I do knock what I'm sayin
I'm pullin out the red carpet and your inside it
Bring it to the front and light it and get excited
Trauma my good fellow mellow like a cello
Enrico Gonzalez one rich fellow
And watch me make your girl jiggle like jell-o
Whose world is this?
Over here baby hello

[Hook] x2

Rock on baby
Rock on baby
Oh yeah
Rock on and on
Oh yeah
I love Superman
I love Superman
I love Superman
I love Superman

I love the Westside, it's time to party
Whenever Superman is in the house
I love the Eastside, it's time to party
Whenever Superman is in the house
(Music repeats until end)