Shaquille O’Neal
My Style, My Steelo
[Erick Sermon] You know my style, you know my steelo (8X)

Verse One: Erick Sermon

I bring the ruckus for you brothers I jam like Smuckers
Don't udder because my style is b***ah
The roughneck, green-eyed, funkdafied
For those girls who cry my style's worldwide (word em up)
I get Just-Ice, whenever I Bust This
Even P.E. Can Trust This
I Hollywood swing my sh*t to the basement
Leavin n***as stunned like how OJ's case went (yeah)
The grand imperial, with mad material
Before you jump, into my flow yell GERONIM-OHH
My God, I rock toward the right
Then I Set it Off, on the left just for spite
The E Double bring the brofunkadelcreeptic hahahHAHAHA
My style's incognito
I'm sharper than a razor blade dressed up in a black tuxedo
Word to Reggie Noble, and the Shaq
Forget Schwarzennegger, I'll be back
You know my steelo

[Erick Sermon] You know my style, you know my steelo (4X)

Verse Two: Redman

Coming straight from the sluggish part, of Newark, some n***as start
My styles act wild like Jura**ic Park after dark
Tyranosaurus Rex blows the discotheque
I pose the threat, like an Arabian, blowin up your stadiums
My milky styles flows Ca***s like Panama
So get your camera, SNAP, swing back like Reggie Jax
Hoooaaa, HAH, n***a look up in the sky
It's a bird, f**k, I took the frame, that's my word
I put the Crypt Keeper in a sleeper, eureka here's the feature
Got amnesia that I'm the ultimate funk
Pop the trunk, ALLRIGHTY THEN
My friend, bust the maneveur
How I Ace n***as like Ventura
My style's water like Evian, that's why you Wonder like
Stevie and how I get wreck with Erick Sermon and
Shaq-Diesel and, I'm comin down with the funk
Punks, that's how we go, you know my style
You know my steelo

[Erick Sermon] You know my style, you know my steelo (4X)

Verse Three: Shaquille O'Neal
Tall TWISM, afro-centric Asian, half-man half-amazin
My skill be blazin, six million ways in to die
Grab this mic like Pryor
Burn baby burn baby burn, like Andre Rison house on fire
Follow me forth, follow me back
Shaq's Illegal, watch me Get Busy on this track
Yo I Gets Busy, packs more Speed than K. Reeves
You best believe, my loot's stacked up like a RuPaul weave
Punks jump up to get plastered
Respect to Wu-Tang and that OL DIRTY B*ST*RD
A lot of hoopers, tryin to play ball
TIM-BER!! They're all gonna fall cuz
The world is mine, all mine
Quick to treat between the line even Ray Charles ain't that blind
Pa** me a Pepsi, forget that freakish Snapple
MC talkin head then I will smash him with the alley apple
Erick Sermon, Redman, Shaq
Three macks, you look for somethin wack you get smacked
Boom-pow-ping, da-ping-pat
Shaq, is back in effect, so how's that

[Erick Sermon] You know my style, you know my steelo (8X)