Shaquille O’Neal
In The Ghetto
[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
The revelution shall be televised
We're from the state where the tarer alert is 24 7
N***as is clowns, like Rino 9 11
With me, what you see is what you get
Never commertialed my life, I own jets
No one does it quite like Joe
Black Rob getting knocked for robbery, now that's Whoa
My money too long, I keep peeking at it
Cheese stacked in hundreds, rats keep peaking at it
You with Fred Jones, tryna break the fight up
I'm the fat n***a in gray, quick to light your a** up
I know you love a n***a's slick talk
Type to slap a b*t*h for disturbing a n***a's pimp walk
The vibe, got it coming with the sauce
Lean Back was the hottest sh*t popping in 04
Now it's 05, and the king's been crowned
Riding through the Bronks, with the mack in the hoodie down

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
Relax yourself, let your conscious free
You're now rolling with the Capo, from DIP
And if you wanna join the set, well you must be a G
And rest in peace to Pac, and BIG
Know I keep my K c*cked, in VIP
Catch me sliding to the drop, with this PYT
When the cops stop my car, they wanna see ID
You know the rules, n***as you keep ID
Who you think starts the drama? the NYC
Catch me smoking, drinking water, getting bent in my V
And the media depicting me, crookid in this game
But I started watching my mama, when she was cooking up game
And I tried going to school, but there was no books in my brain
So I started cutting cla**, playing hooky to bang
The only Chemestry cla**, chefing up cookies with Game
And that's when Mennis was out, I cried when he got locked up again

[Verse 3: Shaquille O’Neal]
I'm done with rap beefs, subliminal quotes
Cats saying they hustle, but never visioned Coke
See Shaq Deezy from the bricks, I took a brick, flip a clip
Made big chips
I see stick up kids that's stuck up kids
Saying they bullet proof, just cause they luck outlived
They must admit God loved them, far as the rest goes
Bllack was the dress coad, crave you all dugged them
Red if you see Shaq, banging on them
Hanging on ryms, that was before Gats and Tims
I had a white bomber, a white fir color
MC, your people call me Mill
Was bumpin in my cousin FCC
Ask Mastafa and that lil N***a Doo bout Shaq Deezy
They told me "Shaq, you a baller, stay away from the streets"
That's why I bang on fake a** Jordans, and fake a** beats
[Verse 4: Ca**idy]
N***as know me, I'm young but I'm an OG
And n***as know I'm from the HOOD
On the block, I pitch rock, I had to strip lot
Live and born in the ghetto, never wanna hear cops
And hip hop like a gig, I'm tryna make it big
But sometimes I hate the biz, cause how fake it is
You wanna see how many bullets you can take and live?
Even with a vest on, you still gon break a rib
I torture his a**, he was like my son, but that n***a done stick a fork in his a**
You Bun B-ed it, you got me dumb heated
I'm undefeated, that's why I'm c*cky and conceited
I'm confedent, cause my bars the most domanant
And I got chicks in other contenents, giving me complements
You ain't famous as me, I got chicks screamin that don't even speak the same language as me

[Verse 5: Sheek Louch]
A lot of yelling, but you ain't really saying nothing
The whole New York can tell that b*t*h n***a frontin
Ice grill, seen it
I done shot at n***as, bust the gun off, and had a hood rat cleaning
So much talk about who run New York
They should really ask bout who running in New York
I know me, P, Jada, and Loso talk
D block, do work with the hawk
I'm on school murder
Hate it, skip fresh, park the V outside Willy Burger
With D and them
You just have dreams of being them
You brothers, white BM with the uni covers
Now I'm old enough to f**k n***as' mothers
So I light up, drink about 3 Caronas
Black mask, black ice Atonas