Shaquille O’Neal
Freestyle (Damian Lillard Diss)
[Intro: Shaq]
Mal: You think you got better music than Shaq?
Damian Lillard: I think I rap better than Shaq. People weren't looking at it like it's a real rapper, it's like, that's Shaq rapping
Ahhh, that's Dame, right?
The daddy had to come out of retirement and spank one of these undisciplined children
Now it's time to be disciplined
It's time to put up that belt and whip a lil' a**
Here we go

Joe, yeah, what's wrong with these little cats?
I can tell they little, listen to they little raps
Always bragging 'bout they little max contract
Dame D.O.L.L.A. little money when it come to Shaq
You see this flow got a little Hall of Fame on it
Dame shoot jumpers, Shaq still bang on it
Are you kidding me? Lyrically, not physically
Mentally vividly seen it before you might give it to me
I'm on a yacht in little Italy, riddle me
When you was young, did you see my MVP Laker tril-ilogy?
MVP candidates, you are not one
Platinum plaques on my wall, go and get you some
Lyrically, I'm three times finals MVP
I can't believe [?]
How you say that you better than Dies'
When you ain't got more cheddar than Dies', what you talking 'bout?
Legendary, I'm a hip hop scholar
I'm tryna get a billion, who gives a f**k about a dollar?
Little boys better stay in they place
Next time they ask you 'bout Shaq, man, fix your face
This is war, I'm ready for it to go there
Anybody that know me know I love when it go there
You better than Shaq? Stop talking, you a liar
The baddest baller out of Oakland's J.R. Rider
B Shaw, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd
Ask 'em when you see 'em what the Diesel done did
Fan boys, you never disrespect the idols
Shaq game is historical like Jesus in the bible
Students always talking 'bout they better than the professor
I'm an expensive Lamborghini, you a barely charged Tesla
Take your time to respond, there is no hurry
You'll never be Westbrook, never be Steph Curry
Next time you see me, Dame, address me as the emperor
Pull your lil' tongue out, check your lil' temperature
I like your little gig, guess I really adore you
Stop smoking Portland weed, that sh*t ain't really good for you
When you was a little dirty booty boy up in diapers
My garage was filled with Porches, Benz's and bikes and Vipers
I was court side watching Hulk and Roddy Piper
I was playing with D. Scott, he was the real sniper
I was in the studio with Nas, Big and Jigga
I was even up in Oakland bumpin' Too $hort, n***a
I was on [?] with [?] and E-40
From the same place as Redman, Lauryn Hill and Naughty
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
I see your love yourself so much, you should sex yourself
Who told his people that you better than Shaq?
It's time I see you show me four rings, show me a platinum plaque
Do me a favor, type "Shaq" in YouTube
I ain't playing, [?] I got the same [?] as you do
What’s in your wallet, American Express or Visa?
Talking like you Bron, you ain't even Trevor Ariza
If you don't know who I am, check it lil' sucker
Google me, they say I was a lazy motherf**ker
Got enough cash, I can buy your whole team
Oh sh*t, I forgot, I own the Sacramento Kings
If you a f**kin' rapper Dame, then what the f**k am I?
I'm accomplishments you can't reach, I'm too high
Call me when you get a back-to-back-to-back-to-back
Why would I wanna be a rapper? Rappers wanna be Shaq

Now, that's just a spankin'
Next time, I'ma really discipline your a**
Keep my name out your mouth, lil' boys
I paved the way, show some respect to the don dadda
If you the best, just be the best, I don't really care
It doesn't matter to me, I'm in Forbes, b*t*h
They say Michael Jordan's the best, how?
He ain't never been in this booth
So the t**le comes to me, I paved the way
I'm Shaquillicus O'Nealicus
If it wasn't for me, there would never be none of y'all
Who was the first with a shoe deal? Huh? Me, that's who
Who built this sh*t, Joe Budden? Me, that's who
Get out of here, lil' dumb a** lil' boys
F**k wrong with y'all? I got kids y'all age
My baby mommas make more than some of y'all make