Shaquille O’Neal
TNT Cypher
[Verse 1: Kenny Smith]
Cause it’s the kid from Queens with two NBA rings
See now, they drop the track so I can, do my thing
Introducin’ K Smith, I rock from Harlem to Houston
In fact on this track, I got the exact solution
No subst**ution, ready for global distribution
[?] got the dest**ution, cause I came to that conclusion
I’m using a brain fusion, thoughts buildin'
One of the children, me and Nicki got dope by the millions

[Verse 2: Grant Hill]
Shaquille O’Neal, O’kneel to the lady
Just swing back around and kneel to me, maybe
Ernie take notes, I’m like Drake are you crazy?
Center of attention, shout out to Weezy F, baby
Don’t try G Hill, Eminem’s ain't that Shady
I’m a star with these boys, Emmitt Smith or Tom Brady

[Beat Change]

[Verse 3: Shaquille O’Neal]
Why these ballers try to be like me?
If this was hip-hop, I’m B.I.G.
Matter of fact, it is hip-hop, I’m B.I.G.
Nicki Minaj, will you marry me? (No)
Oh, she said no, man, messin’ up the flow
Yao Ming, I’m the baddest big man
They call ‘em Shaq man, understand
Me, me, it’s all about me
Icy Hot, Soda Shaq, Shaq [?]
It is I and the place to be
She said no, I’m still Dr. D
Freeze, freeze, I don’t play
Throw like I’m spittin’ [?] get out my way
May Day, Pelican Bay
King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me
This ain’t ball, this is personal
Damn right, I’mma kill all y’all
So don’t cry or we’ll have to play ball

[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]
Pulled up in somethin’ that looked like a milli
A baller put me up on
Ain’t gotta sell it but he say the cookie a drug that he re-up on
I ball like Ginóbili, you chickens get D-ed up on
Wait, hold on...
Spur of the moment, I ball like Ginóbili
You chickens get D-ed up on
They know I’m ballin’ but ain’t got that Spalding and ain’t got no sneakers on
They Nicki gon’ kill old girl
Plus they know G gon’ kill those deals
I give zero F’s, ain’t got no chill
And I'm ridin' the ba** line like ‘Quille O’Neal
[Verse 5: Ernie Johnson]
My name’s Ernie Johnson, but they call me EJ
I host a little show called “Inside the NBA”
And if you say [?] rap [?]
I say yeah, I can’t believe they put me up to this
(Drops mic)