"Nuff Talk (Remix)"

Verse 1

Girl you got a cute face cute smile nice body
Make me wanna have a quickie in the lobby
Being honest no lie no cap
Luggy you a pervert yeah i know f**k that
It's not new see heard it all before it don't offend me
Everywhere i go i hear the same thing makaveli in this b*t*h i see no changes


Yeah I love you but I’m on the road
I’ve been moving international
I wanna f**k you on the regular
I can’t wait to get you all alone
Baby when u come through, nuff talk
(No more talking) Nuff talk (just actions)
Nuff talk (no more talking) nuff talk (just actions)

Verse 2

Get on the bed I'll be on top
Imma show you how we rock
Jabulani on the bed your booty up i hold it down
Gravity i call that sh*t ass-geometry
Plutonic with your motion f**king up the galaxy
Gramma rays buring calories
Do the yoga on my junk I'll hit it properly
Bouncing ass on my piano that sh*t Broccoli
Ain't time to waste we making love today
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