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"99 Problemz (But Lil' Flip Ain't One) Freestyle"

[T.I. talking]
Live and direct from the traps of the A-town, n*gga
West side, Bankhead, n*gga
Pimp Squad Clique, n*gga
Grand Hustle, pimp
Say I'm mad, huh?
Your faggot ass gon' be mad in a minute (Sissy ass n*gga)
(Hey, let's go, n*gga) I'mma hit your faggot ass in the mouth when I see ya, n*gga
f*ck what you heard, homie, leprechaun ass n*gga

King of the place called home of the bass
He emerged at the trap, from the zone of the flake
Caught a case, and he still keep a chrome on his waist
For the haters in the face gettin' thrown in the way
Like a pus*y n*gga named Lil' Wesley, tryna test me
On your best behavior what your faggot ass best be
Choose words carefully when you address me
You ain't gotta like me, but you're gonna respect me
(Or else) or else you get wet like a jet ski
Take ten of these and live, that'll impress me
Say I wanna rap on your songs but you ain't let me
See you on the front of The Source, like that upset me
f*ck you in the ass, I ain't mad 'bout sh*t
Try Tip, shot quick, that's all your ass gon' get
And I ain't finna put a mask on, Flip
I'mma empty out the clip and your ass gon' flip
Bet your mom and your dad gon' trip
But them the consequences try to mash on Tip
n*gga, lyrically I'll murk you, physically I'll hurt you
You ain't never ran the streets, you had a curfew
pus*y n*gga playing with me, you'll be in the dirt soon
Look you in the eye see you sweet like perfume (muah)
So go on, keep running you di*k suckers
I'mma swing, show the world that you just a big sucker
Daddy shoulda got some head, bet he wish he woulda worn rubber
But he didn't, so now I guess the world gotta suffer
You the kind of wanksta, gangsta's done had enough of
So I'mma take pride when I ride through and bust you
Tip will be the reason for the saddest day your momma seen
When I let this K slay a n*gga like the Drama King

Better find a n*gga to try, n*gga I ain't the one
I got 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one (ha, hey, hey)
I got 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one
This pus*y n*gga wanna beef well he find him some
I got 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one (ha, hey, hey)
I said, I got 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one
f*ck, boy you wanted beef, well you found you some
I got 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one

[Lil Flip]
Scarface the king of the South

pus*y n*gga, shut the f*ck up
I'm cool with Face and even he know that you're a sucker
Paul Wall runnin' Texas along with Slim Thug
Mike Jones, ESG, and Z-Ro some real hustlers
Never been a Botany Boy, you just a buster
Never been seen outside on the Southside
Sucka n*gga puttin' on like you run sh*t
After Third go to jail with this leprechaun sh*t
Half the time you don't like what I'm saying then buck
n*gga, swing when you see me, n*gga, I don't give a f*ck!
Cause I know you just a lame and your partners ain't tough
Know your aim ain't sh*t and know your fight game suck
So I couldn't image you what G's would wanna listen to
Just some kids, women, and a lot of homosexuals
I'm a stand up guy man I'm into principle
All you do is lie, and everything you say is fictional
I demand my respect, I'll die about that
But I'mma hit you with the tek, and let you lie about that
So keep me out your raps or this sh*t ain't done

I got 99 Problems, Lil Flip ain't one (come on)
I say, 99 problems, Lil Flip ain't one
pus*y n*gga wanted beef well he found him some
I got 99 probelms, Lil Flip ain't one

[T.I. talking]
Lil who?
Say f*ck, n*gga
I heard you talking about me, n*gga
You wanna see me, n*gga? Come see me, n*gga
ATL, Westside, Zone 1, you understand that, n*gga? (Bankhead)
Mattafact, I'll come see you, n*gga
In the suburban area of Houston, n*gga, I know you can't come to the city, n*gga
f*ck boy
n*gga, wasn't you a janitor in highschool?
You sucka ass n*gga, you thought we forgot?
n*gga Hump said he made you put on the mothaf*cking leprechaun suit, n*gga
You talkin' bout you got rich off that sh*t, n*gga
You ain't even get no car n*gga till this next album
(You lil' bow tie wearing ass n*gga)
And it's leased too, n*gga
You better not go over 20,000 miles, n*gga, that's fifteen hundred extra
You know what I'm saying, you sucka ass n*gga
(Top hat wearing ass n*gga)
n*gga, how I'm livin'? n*gga what? n*gga, n*gga
You rented that mo'f*cking house in Galveston, n*gga for six thousand, n*gga
You think I didn't know about that, don't ya, n*gga?
I'mma expose yo' pus*y ass n*gga
You ho ass n*gga
Wait till I see ya, I'mma slap you in them white gold teeth you got n*gga
That ain't no mothaf*cking platinum, 30 g's my ass, n*gga (ha)
n*gga, you must've forgot, n*gga, Paul Wall made grills, n*gga, that's my mothaf*cking partner, n*gga
30 g's my mothaf*cking ass, n*gga
I'mma get a grill, n*gga, just to show yo' motherf*cking ass what 30 g's look like
f*ck boy (ha)
Lil Flip, man, how dare you, for real, man
King of the mothaf*cking South, n*gga
The audacity of this ho n*gga, man can you believe it?
Lil Flip, man, will you get me one of them bow tie's and one of them top hats, n*gga, please, I need one
A glitter bow ties, and one of them top hats
I want... This halloween I wanna be the leprechaun, this halloween
Could I please get a glitter bow tie and a top hat, please?
And my very own pot of gold to squat over like a little b*tch, you sucka ass sweet boy n*gga
n*gga, I'll mothaf*cking beat yo' ass, man
You gon' make a n*gga do somethin' to yo' little pus*y ass
Keep on talkin', n*gga
I'm done with you for now, n*gga, I'll be back, though
I'm done with you for the moment
Ha (gunshot)

[Lil Flip]
And I'll adore you, I'll treat you like milk
I'll do nothing but spoil you

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