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"Who Run This"

[Intro: Jadakiss]
Hey yo, no disrespecting nobody, but we run this sh*t
Just in case you all thought it wasn't real, tell them Hov

Year of the Roc
We want our spot back
You up, Jada

[Verse 1 - Jadakiss]:
Al Qaeda off the top, I can give them the scope
But if I don't, just another n*gga living with hope
You know, bigger the shipment, bigger the boat
Old head told me, groceries was bigger than dope
I run this sh*t, no, maybe not with the sales
Definitely in the streets, up top of the jails
And I do a lot of thinking, listening, observing
I know how to play my position, that's my word
I mwoah, by far, flow five star
Blow my weed and buy cars
Yeah, hard to live it fierce yo
Can't say competition is none, it's definitely scarce though
Know they say quiet money, boost yo' stash
Handling things, gotta let the roosters pass
Might have seen me in the M if the roof was glass
Truthfully, these n*ggas ain't the truth to ass
We run this sh*t

Oh, you ain't know Jada was in the home team
I've been f*cking with n*gga since Reservoir Dogs
Roc-A-Fella season returns
Oh, we want our spot back

[Verse 2 - Jadakiss]:
Yo, raspy voice killa
The illest of the iller
Fly gangsta n*gga, stay blowing the vanilla
Life is a b*tch, and if I ever meet her, I'mma tell her
Give it to anybody, on beat, acappella
Keeping yourself above water without sinking
Looking a man in his eye without blinking
If I ain't on Ocean or Collins, I'm on Lincoln
I run this sh*t, what the f*ck is you all thinking
Bars is way too strong for you all weakling
Stay in the booth and stay out of the precinct
Cause my new hawk need blood on it
My back is killing me, I got New York on it
Only right that I give it to them, New York want it
Know the game will change in a New York moment
Even if my performance is local
I'm still considered the Michael Corleone of the vocals
I run this sh*t

New York City
Don't get it confused
Still the home of the Spitters
Jada, talk to them

[Verse 3 - Jadakiss]
K-I Double Shah
These n*ggas is nice, but I guess I'm double hot
Besides money, all the respect and the love I got
At this point in my life, who would expect me to hug the block
Guess it's just something in me that I love a lot
If not, probably have my hand in another pot
Get the Porsche from there and the Lambo from another lot
See if I can take my career to another notch
But in the meantime, you all know I run this sh*t

Al Qaeda
Roc Season
We want our spot back
We run this mothaf*cka

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