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"Road Dawgs"

DJ Clue (Jay-Z)
New sh*t
(Uh, huh, check it out now)
Road Dawgs
Amil, Eve, Da Brat
(Amillion, E-V-E)
(First Lady)
(Check it out, uh yo)
(Don't watch me n*gga watch my b*tches)
Ha ha
(Uh, huh)
(Uh huh, uh huh)
(Yeah, yeah, Roc-A-Fella that's the clique)
(n*gga don't watch me better watch my b*tches)

I stay sick wit
Each ??? flow like liquid sh*t
Harder than the di*k get
n*gga flew his whole clan just to get wit
One touch n*gga fiend for the clit lick
Don't leave'em nothing but a quick fix
Me and money makers be the first pick and
Do the dirt quick and
Sexy thug keep get me warm make my toes twitch
Only f*ck wit the raw you should know this
Ruff Ryde, but you scared of the stallion
Scheme for cream, me and Amillion
Carry rockets in my pockets, better step back
Put holes in ya back you can bet that, hustle for the dollar
Eve, like to cut you, make you holler
Play cuts for bucks and watch'em pile up
You want more?
See me in the drop top it's on
Peach color pony head course
Player instinct, learned from my dogs
Save ya money baby I'ma take you to the mall
And I buy you something small
Maybe something negligen
Cartier, came fast in small things
What I need to survive is a peace of the pie, feel me
E-V-E, capitalize
Taking the sh*t, making it mine
Big n*ggas in the game that'll let us find
Put me up against anybody I shine
Taking my time for this line for line
Mad chart thugs wit yours crime for crime
Real b*tches keeping it raw, about time

Chorus: 2xs
[Jay-Z] (Amil)
Where my hoes in this house who
Hold they n*ggas down who
Roll hard, y'all my road dawgs
Where my ladies in this place who
Hold they n*ggas space when
He locked up, throw ya baby Glocks up

Crush sh*t
Before I even touch sh*t
Wit the princess cuts and sh*t
My n*ggas, Roc-a-Love for me
Haters, make you think you can f*ck wit me
This rap sh*t is like drugs to me
n*gga, need a fix leave it up to me
All Money Is Legal
Roca y'all know how we do
First class, all stretch out
Or, S-Class all sexed out
Got the cash, let's be out
b*tch gone only do joints wit the best out
Most n*ggas can't handle me
So I strictly f*ck wit family
Sports to death, ask Jigga
Don't I only deal wit a high class n*gga?
It's a turn off if my cash bigger
Don't blame me, blame my last n*gga
Mother f*cker kept me laced from the feet up
Started off wit a pair of V studs
I be wifey no pre-nups
Still ended up wit the SE what
Windows down, seats back
Can't catch me wit a sweet track
Co-writers don't need that
99 and I still ain't meet my match
Feel me huh? New Your and Philly huh?
The only ones that had a chance
Was the ones wit the cash advance


[Da Brat]
I tell 'em like this
Ain't to many mother f*ckers bad as me
Bust at a n*gga wit a rhyme or a nine wit a tragedy
When it cause catastrophes, will actually cause you to bleed
f*ck up anything you breathe, pass the weed
If a n*gga proceed to step outta line I'm a gradually
Fill his anatomy wit bullet holes in his behind
I happen to be the type of b*tch
Get a grudge I don't budge and sh*t
And look at what I did in life as a kid
Wit thugs and pents
Now I got the knowledge of a college mother f*cker
Wit a scholarship
At any degree my temperature get, boiling hot to freezing
When I release you can see the reason, I'm so cold
n*ggas continuously rolling me beats to choke on
Try-na get a smoke on
High, cause I have to get it
When you can never seeing me coming the Devils Advocate
Material hoe, keeping n*ggas dropping they draws
And fiending for more
Surrounded wit, diamonds around the wrist
Cruise the town in my six, bruising them every time I hit
And I ain't try-na quit
If I do, you can never find another to fill my shoes
I prove you can't duplicate this
Attempt to and lose
This little n*gga been rocking the basement since I was about two
Pick up the pace quick, why worry about a replacement?
When I stepped in came wit my feet in the pavement
Leave n*ggas in amazement
And guess what the ingravement say?
Capital B-R-A-T was here and got paid all year
In a major way, f*ck what the haters, f*ck the tabloids
I spit on n*ggas, who try to steal my joy


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