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[Mack Daddy On The Mike Three Sis]
I’m like Nicholas Cage screaming ‘not the bees!’
Wu-Tang Clan stay away from me please
Because this phobia, it ain’t like your ‘ABC’s
It’s more like your ‘ABCDEFG’s

I got this phobia when I was 5 years old
Back when my life was a little more controlled
And this phobia, man its starting to take its hold
Makdaddy rhymes to make this story unfold

I was in my backyard just just kickin it real
When all of a sudden ‘is that a bee that I feel?’
Stung my in the cheek and the reaction is real
Now my face is so f***** that im lookin like seal

Now every time im in the yard its like ‘Fight or Flight’
That means when is see a bee its gon be like
‘an involuntary reaction of the sympathetic nervous system that results in a state of physiological readiness to deal with a sudden and immediate threat by wither confronting it (fight) or running away (flight)’

It was classical conditioning or c.c
With the neutral stimulus being the bee
Uncontrolled stimulus, it stinging me
And my uncontrolled response was fear at a high degree

Now every time I see one I’m like f*** that s***
And my low level gaba doesn’t help me a bit
My stress levels high and the anxieties hit
Not to mention blood pressure, even the chance of a fit

Now flooding is a way that people deal with the stress
And my doctors saying 'Makdaddy, you know that its for the best'
But i can't see myself with bee for the rest
Of my life so id rather fail on that test

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