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"Pump It Up Freestyle"

Gimme that beat fool, it’s a full time jack move
Don’t worry Skano I'll give it back soon
Just having a little fun, wassup my n*gga?
S. Dot, the Collection
Black Album coming soon
Just gonna vent a little bit
Have a little fun with it
Yes, yes

Ain't nobody dumpin' on Hov, you ain’t in sanitation
Or sanitarium, what are you crazy? Jay-Z will bury em
I'll get you drug out the club, they have to carry em
Go ahead, bug out, I'll Raid, n*gga scurry
Worry, I'm, not, I'm the Mike Jordan of the mic recording
It's Hovi baby, you Kobe, maybe Tracy McGrady
Matter fact, you a Harold Miner, J.R. Rider, washed up on marijuana
Even worse you a Pervis Ellis
You worthless fella you ain't no athlete you Shawn Bradley
I ain’t talkin' to nobody in particular
My flow's just vehicular homicide when I’m kickin' up dust!
Anybody in my path is a car crash waiting to happen, n*gga what?
I got my foot on the throat on the pulse of this rap game
And I ain’t letting up, YUP!
Who’s the nicest? Life or lifeless on these mic devices
And I don't write this, I just mic this, I will it to happen
One take Hov, I’m real at this rapping
My new name is Just the Facts
While the rest of y'all just adjust the facts
Put words together, just to match
I say what I feel, y’all adjust to that
I do the opposite of y’all so I just attract
The realer audience usually unjustly black
Know my flow and the sh*t they go through just match
Like the sound of my voice and a choice Just track
I just tackle the subject, the flak from the public is nothing
I know real n*ggas happen to love it
If you don’t like it, then look in the mirror
Most likely you ain’t live it so you don’t get it
You ain’t did it, so you can't vision, the picture I’m painting
Ain't vivid, the language I’m spitting is so foreign to ya
See what starving will do to ya
Growin up hard in a little apartment'll do to ya
I’m just talkin’ to ya, I'm just talkin' through ya

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