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"Santoríni Greece (Freestyle)"

Throw the Jesus piece on watch me SHine like Wale
Smooth operator to your girl I'm like sade
Girls get pulled like guitar strings
Her name Lucille like BB Kings
Let that marinate your crew is feather weight
In may weather I'm Mayweather I'm heavyweight
Never took a loss u no navigation lost
Eating wingstop in a maybach I'm a boss
Turning dreams into reality
Noise before defeat
That's tactics without strategy
I'm sun Tzu word kung-fu
Lyrical Bruce G Roy Gawds among you
Peep the Algorithms and anomalies
My calculated moves is all prophecy
I'm who these frauds n*ggas wanna be
Blunt lit Fountain blue sipping a Daiquiri

Saint laurent Shades
On my eyes when u see me
Stoned like the streets
Of emporio Santorini
Blue Christ shirt on me so nonchalantly
Nice fee provided by givenchy
She laughs at my jokes says im hilarious
pus*y so wet she gotta be an Aquarius
Above the law even playing field
Look up in the sky
I'm super fly Curtis Mayfield
Too much industry di*k riding
Claiming for the culture
But we know they lying
They dissing legends then they go and flop
No elevators took the staircase to the top

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